Our Big News! New Family Vlog channel debuting with Vlogmas this month!

We started a 2nd YouTube channel called Little Pink Casa Life where we’ll be vlogging our daily life each week. During this month of December, we’ll be posting videos every day for our Vlogmas 2016 challenge as a kick off to our channel grand opening!

We’re kicking off the new year with this new family adventure.  I shared all about it on Facebook live while I was cooking dinner in my kitchen!  Yes, I was so excited to announce the uploading of our very first vlogmas video on our new channel.  It’s a riot!  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW FAMILY VLOG CHANNEL so you don’t miss anything!


Paris Mint and Pink: Hadara’s Tween Room Tour

In our last blog post, we shared the excitement of Hadara’s new bed.  Today, we reveal the final makeover of her newly decorated Paris themed mint and pink bedroom.  

Hadara loves the color mint.   However, her walls are painted pink.  So, we had to compromise.  Hadara was tired of pink and purple, so we settled for pink and mint. First thing, we bought was chevron mint and white curtains at Target.  We hopped over to the bedding aisle in Target and saw this cute Paris Bonjour Ballerina comforter set.  It was so cute, but totally out of our budget.  So, we waited.  Good things come to those who wait, because at the end of the week, guess what landed in my email box?  A coupon for Target bedding $20 off $100. Yay!  We bought the Paris Bonjour comforter quilt and both shams.  Now, the bed was finished!  After the curtains were up and the bed was made, the room really came together.  Basicly, that’s all we did!  Hadara already had cute Paris and London signs from the Dollar Tree which went along perfectly with the Paris theme and they were pink!  Since Hadara loves dance and ballet, she already had some fun ballerina decor on her dresser and shelves which tied in with the bedding.  I really think it looks so cute!  Girly, but not too grown up.  Pefect for a tween girl who’s growing into teen years.  Seriously, that was too easy.  Be sure to watch today’s fun video, Hadara’s Room Tour below for more ideas. 
Also, to get more tips on how I updated Hadara’s little girl room to a tween room you’ll want to read this blog post, 5 Tips to Clear Clutter In Your Tween Daughter’s Bedroom

Blessings and Shalom, 

Hadara’s New Big Girl Bed

Hadara finally upgraded to a big girl bed recently.  She was getting so tall and her used twin castle bunk bed wasnt big enough for her anymore.  Hadara wanted a simple, yet pretty cottage style bed frame. Although I wanted something a little more fancy, we both came to agreement on this white sleigh bed we found at American Furniture Warehouse.  After all, this will be her bed that will take her from tween to adulthood.  Crazy!  It was just yesterday when Ruben was building her baby crib.  Boohoo.  Well, I think we were both ready for the change.  Hadara’s bedroom has a completely different look and feel to it now.  So grown up!  Ruben and I bought her a pillow top mattress and box spring to go with her new bed frame, which is so soft.  I took a nap on it the other day and it’s amazingly comfortable.    The new bed was delivered the day before Christmas Eve so it was an extra nice gift for Hadara that was long overdue.  Hadara and I  had so much fun moving her room around, cleaning it out and decorating her new bed with a new comforter.  Be sure to watch today’s video below to see how we set it up.  We’ll be doing a new room tour of Hadara’s bedroom in our next upcoming video.  So subscribe to our You Tube channel and never miss a video.   
Blessings and Shalom, 

1st VLOG of 2016! American Girl: Girl of the Year Debut Lea Clark | Family Update | Periscope

Happy 2016 friends, we’re back!  We took a little break, ok we took a lot of break off.  The whole month of December!  As a family we took the time to rest, pray and seek the Lord on what He would have us to do for the new year on our channel and blog.  We are ready to come back with full vision and great things planned for the new year!  Today, we just got back from the debut of the American Girl Doll of the Year 2016 Lea Clark.  Hadara and I wanted to attend one of these events for a couple of years now, so we were estatic to be apart of this event in Scottsdale, Arizona!   We had so much fun and Ruben is such a trooper being a Dad who comes along with his two girlz just because he has a big, HUGE heart.  Bless him.  In today’s vlog, we also give you a family update, eat brunch at a french bakery and share about our 1st scope we did on Periscope today!  What do you think of my new iPhone 6s camera for vlogging?  I know it’s a little shaky while moving in the car, but that could have been my hand too.  I’m still learning my new iPhone.  Yay!  I’m so thankful that I have a new phone now.  No more dumb iPhone 3GS!! *inside family joke, ahem.  

Be sure to watch our vlog to see our day unfold below and thank you so much for watching!  If you’re new, please subscribe to our Youtube channel!  

May your 2016 be blessed with much love and shalom (peace).  

Son Sings to Dying Father in the Last Hours of His Life

We share many moments with you.  Sometimes they are times of joy and sometimes they are times of sorrow. We are a real family who goes through real things. Trials and hard times do come our way.  This is one of those times.  A few hours before Ruben’s 91 year old dad passed away on Oct 23, Ruben sang a special song to him.  The song is called, “My Dad” by Paul Petersen.  We were blessed to spend the last night and early morning with Ruben’s dad Carlos during his last hours on this earth.  We sang songs, hymns, worship all night into the morning as we helped usher him into the presence of his Lord.  We hope and pray this video below blesses you as you watch.  All of us will encounter grief at some time in our lives. Whether it be a loved one or friend.  May this moment we share be a reminder to love.  And to love deeply.  Only God knows.  May Jesus carry you through your time of sorrow.  

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven– 2A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.   Ecclesiastes 3:1-2        
Blessings and Shalom, 

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Daily Boutique Deals

Hadara’s Shopkins Birthday Party on a Budget!

Last year, Hadara first heard about Shopkins from a YouTube video.  She received her first 12 pack for Christmas and she’s enjoyed collecting and playing with these fun little toys ever since.   Shopkins are cute little plastic collectibles that are made up from grocery food, household objects and so much more!  Shopkins just released their season three line and are becoming more fun to collect.  It didn’t surprise me when Hadara wanted to have a Shopkins birthday party this year.   Hadara and I had so much fun planning a Shopkins party on a budget that we wanted to share our ideas with you.  Since Shopkins were such a new toy,  there wasn’t any birthday theme supplies to buy.   Our party ideas were pulled together with creative imagination on a budget.  We turned our home into Shopkins world and Hadara’s party guests went shopping in the Small Mart kitchen.  It was a very easy birthday party to plan and I hope our ideas help you when planning your own.   Enough of me talking about it!  You can see for yourself.  We created a Shopkins birthday party series consisting of four videos that show our behind the scenes making the party and the actual party vlog.  Oh and don’t forget to pin this post for all the photos and ideas!  Be sure to watch all four videos below.  Check you later! 

I ordered custom e-invitations and it was sent to my email ready to print or text!  So easy.  

UPDATE: Now Shopkins has Party Supplies! 

Party Foods and Sweet Treats Table VIDEO!

Hadara the birthday girl!!  
Sweet Treats and Party Foods Table

Party Foods

Hadara wanted Italian food, so here’s the party menu, Shopkins style of course.  

Shopkins Cupcakes 

Shopkins Decorations
Shopkins Activities and Games 

Watch the VLOG above and see the birthday day unfold! 

Party guests ready to shop in Hadara’s birthday small mart.  Each guest received their own Shopkins shopping bag to fill up with treats.  Then, they all colored a Shopkins character and created their own birthday headband.  Look at the little Shopkins shoppers!!  

Hadara loved her birthday party and cheesecake in honor of her favorite Shopkins, Cheese Kate!  We also had ice-cream cups and passed out yummy cupcakes.  Every guest got to take home their cupcake Shopkin that Hadara gave away from her own collection.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how we created a Shopkins birthday party on a budget!  

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Summer Movie Day vlog! Inside Out, Shopping and American Girl Package

Hi friends! We saw the movie, Inside Out!  Every summer, we pick a movie to watch together as a family.  Usually it’s hard to find a good family movie, but we picked a winner.  My parents and Hadara’s cousins joined us for a fun family day of movies, shopping and lunch.  I even caught my 75 year old dad dancing in the middle of the store in this vlog.  Total epic!   I love his funny ways.  Plus, Hadara opens her 1st American Girl Truly Me bed that came in the mail.  Watch our entire day unfold below.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Celebrating Daddy’s Birthday!

Last week, we celebrated Ruben’s birthday.  Hadara and I had fun preparing for the big day!  We decided on a red, blue, white and yellow theme along with stripes for his gifts.   Ruben’s been wanting to learn guitar, so we bought him one.  Yay!  He was so surprised!  Then, he was really blown away by all the clothes and new gifts he opened.  He couldn’t believe it all.  You have to understand . . . when I first met Ruben, he wasn’t a very emotional guy at all.  However, through the years (I think Fatherhood has changed that) he’s become a sentimental and sensitive guy.   I don’t mind.   I love that about him.  He shed a few tears when he read the cards we gave him.  Made me shed a couple too.  With all my heart, I wanted to bless my husband because he’s such a good husband to me and father to Hadara.  We’ve been through the thick and thin, yet Ruben always bounces back.  As a wife, it blesses me to be able to bless my husband.  Some years, I couldn’t do that, but I’m so thankful that this year I could.

We had such a fun day out taking him to lunch and then shopping and ended the day with a pizza cake.  You got to see the video to know what I’m talking about.   Overall, I think Ruben enjoyed his birthday because we were all together, just him and his girls.   Be sure to watch Ruben’s birthday vlog below.  Hope you enjoy a view of our Pink life.  

Blessings and Shalom,

A Day at the Zoo {Sentimental Sunday}

It’s Sentimental Sunday and we’re going back to 2010.  In today’s video, I share Hadara’s first homeschool field trip at the Phoenix zoo.  It was also her first time at the zoo.  Hadara is 5 years old in this video and she’s so “chubby cheeks cute”.  I can see how she’s grown and changed looking back.  I was different too.  My hair was red.  Well, more like a dark auburn red.  It was very pretty, but I think I enjoy my dark hair best now.  Ruben had the day off so he could join us for the field trip and make it a family day!   Hadara enjoyed seeing all the animals, but I remember her favorite one was the elephants.  However, her ultimate favorite part of the day was the merry-go-round.  She’s loved riding on those things since she was a toddler.  As I look back and see the footage, the one thing that hit me was Hadara’s precious laugh.  Aww, the enjoyable age of five, kindergarten.  They grow up fast mamas!  I encourage you to take time to enjoy your children’s smile and laughter.  You’ll soon miss it.  

Blessings and Shalom,