God’s Little Princess Devotional {Teaching Our Daughters to be Thankful}

Do you know how important it is to teach your daughters about God and His Word?  Studying the Bible together with your daughter is critical for her walk with the Lord.  She is so small and tender.  This world can show itself to be very cruel at an early age, unfortunately that’s life.  Yet, how we teach our daughters to respond to the world is based on their knowledge of the Bible.  

Our little girls bloom into young women so quickly these days.  As Moms, we have the privelidge and honor to help keep the little in our little girls.  God entrusts us to teach them how to be Godly women.  It starts when they are young.  

It’s also important for women, to learn at an early age, how much we are loved by our Father God.  He is our King and as daughters of the King, we are His Princess.  More than that . . . we are His special Princess Bride.  

In September, some of you joined me as we studied a devotional series entitled, The Princess Bride Bible Study.  I felt the Lord wanted me to share this timely message and it was such a blessing.  I have more videos coming in this series, so don’t worry, there’s more!  Many of you expressed to me how blessed you were because of the study.  I give God all the glory.  

Some of you also asked if there was something to help you teach your daughters about being God’s little Princess.  The good news is, my daughter and I have been working hard to create a devotional video series just for little girls!  

When Hadara was six years old, Ruben and I gave her a special gift.  A book called, God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible.   Hadara and I used this book during our mother daughter time for devotional before she went to bed and sometimes during breakfast.   Hadara loved these lessons and fun activities so much, she wanted to share them with other girls.  The short videos  are based on lessons from the book with a little of our own creativity.  🙂 My daughter Hadara desires to help other little girls know the truth about God and His Word.  She’s inviting young girls every where to join her in a ever growing community to Bloom for the King!  

Who will benefit from these videos? 

All young girls!  Your daughters, nieces, cousins!  

Today, I’m so excited to announce the debut of Hadara’s very first devotional video, A Princess is Thankful.  November is a great month to learn about having a grateful heart.   

We invite you and your daughter to watch together! 

We also created a FREE Printable  just for your little Princess, that goes along with the devotional today.  Complete with a memory verse, writing activity and crown craft!  
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We pray this devotional be a special time for you and your daughter/s to study the Word of God together and get your Princess on!  Be sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel for more encouraging weekly videos.  

Blessings and Shalom,

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Free Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Pack

Happy November!  
I’ve been working on finishing up my new Thanksgiving pack for the kiddies.  I’m so excited to finally have my first pack completed for Little Pink Casa!  Just in time for this weekend’s bible lesson. 

As always it is free like all my Homeschool printable downloads.  My Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Pack is great for primary ages and it’s fun!  Plus, it has a Bible lesson for Thanksgiving.  Your children will learn how to be thankful and why we thank God for everything!  

The FREE Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Pack includes: 

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Plan

Thanksgiving Prayer Color sheet
Thanksgiving Pop-up Card 
Pilgrim Color sheets
I am Thankful Turkey Writing Page
Pilgrim and Native American Puppets on a Stick 
(These are perfect for telling the story of the first Thanksgiving.) 

I hope you are blessed by using this Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Pack in your homeschool, church or classroom!  It is only FREE for a limited time. 

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Here’s another Thanksgiving Bible lesson for little girls that my daughter created!    Yours also FREE when you subscribe.   


Daily Boutique Deals

Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?  
I got half of my grocery list done, but I still need to buy Mr. Tom. 🙂

Do you have a special dish you love to prepare for the family? 

I like to make my yummy marshmallow sweet potatoes which is always a favorite with my family. 

Has anyone ever made that famous fried onion green casserole?  

I am going to try making this for the first time this Thanksgiving.  It seems pretty simple, but if you have any tips or how to spice it up, I’d love them! 

Blessings and Shalom,