Kid’s Books About the Fall Season

In our homeschool, we love to read books about the seasonal changes.  We especially love learning about the fall/autumn season.  One way we do this is by checking out books from our city library or download e-books/kindle version.  This year, while I was researching for our own fall unit study, I decided to put together a book list and share it with you. Here are 20 books you can use in your fall unit study for just to read for fun!

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Leaf Man

Why do Leaves Change Color?

Pumpkin Patch Blessings

Leaf Jumpers

It’s Fall 

Red Leaf Yellow Leaf

God Bless Our Fall 

Autumn is Here

Apples and Pumpkins

Mouse’s First Fall 

Clifford’s First Autumn

Fall Walk

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

Pumpkin Town or Nothing is Better or Worse Than Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Patch Parable

Too Many Pumpkins


What fall books would you add to this list?  What fall books do you use in your homeschool?

How to Teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One {Homeschool VLOG}

In our last homeschool post, we shared about how to set up All About Reading Level 3 before you teach it.  Today, we are sharing how to teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One.  In this video, we walk through the entire reading lesson from letter tiles to activity sheets. This is what Hadara is using for her reading this year along with Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange series.  Our video will give you a better understanding of how easy the lessons are to work through for both mom and student. 

So if you’re curious about the curriculum or how it works, watch our video!  We want to help you in your homeschool journey.  Our next homeschool vlog is Our Homeschool Day with a 5th grader and Preschooler.  Be sure to subscribe below to our YouTube channel and the blog for more homeschool videos!  

Blessings and Shalom, 

All About Reading Level 3 Opening and Set Up

Have you heard of All About Reading curriculum?  Today, Hadara and I open up All About Reading 3 and show you how to set it all up! We’ve been using All About Reading for two years now and Hadara really likes it.  First, she really enjoys the hands on approach using the letter tiles.  This really helped her in the beginning to become a fluent reader.   Hadara also enjoys the workbook activities the best!  The only thing I disliked about the set-up was tearing apart all of the word cards.  There’s a bunch!  However, Hadara helped me share the load of tearing them apart.  It’s great to get the kids involved!   We were excited to get started and you get to come along with us.  You’ll see how I use a cookie sheet for our letter tiles instead of a white board, plus it’s seeing a day in the life of our homeschool.  

So if you’re curious about the curriculum or how it works, watch our video!  We want to help you in your homeschool journey.  Our next homeschool vlog is How to Teach All About Reading Level 3 and we walk through the entire Lesson One with you.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog below for more homeschool videos like these.  

Do you use All About Reading?  
I’m always interested in other types of curriculum.  Let us know in the comments below what reading curriculum you enjoy and why you like it?

Blessings and Shalom, 

Freebie Friday: Spelling Freebie Resource, Free Preschool e-book, Free Reading Activity Bundle and Math Lap book!

little Pink casa

Happy Friday! 

It’s time for some freebies.  I love to pass along great things I find.  

Psst. . . I do use affiliate links in this post and I thank you for using them.  

For the past two years, I struggled to find a Spelling niche that worked for us.
We were on a budget and I was very apprehensive about purchasing something.  What if we don’t like it?  Well, as most of us homeschool Moms realize, that does happen and often.

I was tired of the same old way of teaching spelling.  Princess and I both learned early that the old way of learning was not going to work for us.  She is very much a hands on learner.  I tried the traditional way.  Spelling list on Monday, 10 times each on Tues, blah blah.  No good. 

We did the creative “writing spelling words in salt” approach too.  That worked for a while.
Ok, I searched online for spelling resources and did find some cool spelling generators which helped me build my own worksheets from week to week. However, I still wasn’t content.

Until I found All About Spelling this past summer.  I found it by a online search whim.  Wasn’t even looking for it.  I found out it was affordable and very much hands-on!  I also love how a Mom created it!  This year in July we began this fun Spelling!  Princess absolutely enjoys it.
I’ve seen her grow so much since we started.   Most  of all, she loves it and I love to teach it!
So, I was so excited to share this FREE resource with all my readers!  Need some teaching tips for Spelling?  Here is a great resource. Click Here to get your free copy! 

All About Reading has a freebie for Preschool Ziggy ebook!  Click here to get yours! 

FREE All About Reading Activity Bundle! 
Princess and I definitely enjoy using these resources.  They use the same All About Spelling approach.  If you have never used All About Reading, these free resources are a great way to feel them out.  You’ll be glad you did! 
All About Reading Activity Bundle

FREE Math Lapbook from Currclick
Great way to make Math concrete and hands-on.  

These are all the homeschool freebies, I got this week!  I can’t wait to get started on the add and sub lap book. 
It’s always a great way to review and hands on Math for this family rocks! 

Let me know if you took advantage of these freebies or have others to share.  Do you use All About Spelling or Reading too?  

May you be blessed this beautiful Friday.  Our family will be preparing for our Shabbat (sabbath) rest beginning this evening.  Take time for the Lord, yourself and your family this weekend.  Keep pressing on! 

Blessings and Shalom

How to Celebrate the First Day of Homeschool: Book Character Day!

Don’t you love the first day of homeschool?

I know, some of you may lack the motivation to get back into the swing of things.  Sometimes, you just need a new approach or a refreshing idea to bring back FUN into your homeschool.   Back to school can be fun . . . really.  🙂

We celebrate back to school by dressing up as a book character.  Hadara likes to play with Lalaloopsy dolls lately and enjoys reading their books.  So, this year, she decided to dress up as her favorite Lalaloopsy doll (Jewel Sparkles) on her first day of homeschool.  Now, I know it’s not classic literature, but we have plenty of time to get into our classic lit books in the months to come. 

This is something she likes and enjoys.  It’s important for your kiddies to be excited about something, plus it’s so fun.  It’s a great way to say, “Let’s jump into reading!”, on the first day of homeschool.  It’s a great out of the box idea that can be used for any book your child loves to read!  I even dress up sometimes as my favorite character from my childhood and get to talk about it.  This sparks Hadara’s interest and gets conversation going.  Yes, it’s okay to talk while learning.  Why do they teach us to be silent at school anyways?  Remember this is your homeschool, a time to connect with your children.  Make learning fun! 

So how do you celebrate your first day of homeschool? 
What are some of your crazy and cool ideas?  

Here’s to a totally fabulous and blessed homeschool year!  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Psst. . . I do use affiliate links in this post and thank you in advance for using them!  

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Ideas for Summer Activities For Kids: Our Summer Review

Summer Lovin’

Summer heat may still be here, but for us, our summer time is drawing to a close.  I like to look back on these past two months of June and July and see how we spent our time.  
Our family takes a break for summer to enjoy the summer activities and 
well. . . the season of summer!

When I was a little girl I went to public school and did the whole Sept-May traditional school year.  I guess that schedule never left me.  Something just happens to me on June 1st that well, my mind says, “vacation”!  I know as a homeschool family, we are all different and flexibility is the beauty of homeschooling.  
This year, I decided to focus on summer activities with my daughter to build fun memories and family bonding!  I guess you can say our vision for summer this year was to smile, read, laugh lots and have fun!

Summer Reading Challenge

We continued to read books and lots of books!  Our challenge for Princess was for her to read 50 books in two months.  I found a easy Summer Reading program printable which I  printed out, personalized and added prizes I knew Princess would like to earn.  
We used stickers for each space and posted it on the wall so we could always be aware of our goal.  

Bible reading is a favorite and we count this for her reading challenge too. 
We use Bible Reader from My Father’s World and her new NIrV Discoverer’s Bible for Early Readers, Revised Edition

Here is a FREE Summer Reading Bible Chart from CurrClick  that is super easy to keep track of Bible reading.  

Fancy Nancy
Princess also participated in the Barnes and Noble book challenge.  She loved picking up her new book, Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth at the end of the challenge.  I loved leaving the bookstore without having to pay for it!  Can you say, “ka-ching”. 

Also, Princess loves going to the city library all year, but summer is extra special because of their summer reading program.  We finished that challenge with one day to spare.  We got a little behind, but pushed it to the end.  She wanted that free book so bad and boy was she excited when she met her goal of reading 50 books.  Can you guess what book she picked out? 
Well, to keep up with the Fancy Nancy theme (totally unplanned) she ordered Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes: I Can Read Level 1 (I Can Read Book 1)  Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  One thing we both love are cupcakes! 

I also enjoyed reading books aloud to Princess and we had mommy daughter time making crafts together.  We tried a few DIY projects which took us into creating a few ways to make extra money for piano lessons.    

 We worked on a Lap Book for American girl Kit Kittredge because we just joined a online American Girl book club for mothers and daughters on CurrClick. It’s a free interactive on-line book club directed by another homeschool mom and her daughter.  If your daughters like American Girl movies, dolls or books, it’s super cute, free and you never have to leave your house!  Princess doesn’t even have an American Doll, but she loves the movies.  So don’t feel like you have to have it all to join!  I Love that!  

Our Summer Activities in Review

Swimming lessons
Public Library-book reading challenge
Free movie day with the cousins
Water Day Lunch with cousins
Vacation Bible School
Slumber party with cousins
4th of July family picnic water day
American Girl online club with CurrClick

My Activities

Attended a Online Homeschool Conference with CurrClick

Took a FREE online Blogging class with
Worked my business during June and finished my business year.
Organized and planned for new homeschool year
Created our homeschool room

As you can see out of all the activities there was no vacation this summer, but who says you have to go away for summer? 
We are thinking about planning a stay cation soon.  
I’d say we met our goal for summer fun anyway.  

So, now it’s back to homeschool season officially and I will be posting more back to school posts.  
Slowly, but surely we are getting back into the routine and schedule again. 

How about you?  What are some things you have done with your children this summer?  

Keep pressing on moms, one day at a time . . . 

Blessings and Shalom,

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