How a Digital Fast Changed my Life!

This weekend, I did it.  I did the unthinkable.  

I took a digital fast.  I fasted for 24 hours from the computer screen, social media, texting and my blog.  

Call me crazy or call me normal? 

What is normal anyways?  Last week, as my daughter and I sat at our kitchen table for lunch, she asked me a question.  “Mom, what was it like when you were a little girl?”.  

At that moment, my eyes glared at the kitchen wall, I quietly reflected.  I remembered a time, when I used to have long talks with my Mom.  I remembered talking to my parents and my brother around a dinner table.  I remembered playing outside on my monkey bars til sunset.  

I answered my daughter with one word, “simple”.   

Life was simpler then.  

How could it be?  
Smart phones, and tablets are known for making our lives better, more productive now.  More simple.  

Does digital technology really make our lives more simple or is it complicating our lives? 

Last week, I read a post on the blog Time-Warp Wife called, Growing up Social:  Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:  
I will always remember the dad that came up to me after I spoke about screens and teens at a youth conference.“It’s not my kids that I have a problem with.  It’s my wife. ”What had begun as a positive use of Twitter to stay in touch with her friends had turned into an obsession.  This wife had started using Twitter to encourage women at church, tweeting short verses or prayers to women in need. But now, his wife was constantly scanning her Twitter feed, even on date nights.  She had earned the nickname “Twitter Queen” from her husband’s friends because she was constantly using her phone in her spare time.  This husband didn’t know what to do.  He said, “She such a great wife in every other way.  But I’ve talked to her about this but she doesn’t stop.  I don’t want to nag her about it, but it drives me crazy when we’re driving in the car and she’s on her phone.”

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Does this sound like you?  Well, to be honest, however you look at it, this could be any one of us.

 After reading this post, I really thought about how

  • I want to pay attention more to my husband without sitting at a computer.
  • I want to pay attention more to my daughter without having a phone in my hand.
  • I want to pay attention to my Lord without digital distractions.

Sometimes, we need to unplug. 

Hebrews 4: 9-11 tells us, “There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God;  for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his.  Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience.   

It is good to rest and take a break from the things of this world.  Those things that may be taking our time and attention from our relationship with God, and others.  As we rest in Jesus, we find Him.  We find peace.  We find who we are again.  We find life.  

Quality time is so valuable and needed for you and your family. I encourage you to do a digital fast for 24 hours!  I’ve decided to do this once a week from Saturday to Sunday morning as a sabbath fast.  I saw a big difference already.  I feel refreshed.  I’m focused.  I feel healthier (less eye strain).  I feel closer to my family and more connected.  

Could you do it?  No computers, tablets, mobile phones, social media for 24 hours . . . 

If you cringe at the thought of it, then that means it’s time for a digital break.   Your relationship with God, your marriage and your family depend upon it.  It might even change your life! 

What about you?   Do you ever take a digital break? 

How has it helped you? 

Blessings and Shalom

The 5 Best Things About Father Daughter Dates

This weekend, my hubby escorted our daughter on a special date.  

It was their annual “Father Daughter Dance”.   

Every year, our community offers a Father Daughter dance around Valentines Day.  My hubby and the little Princess have been attending this since she was three years old.  I have photos lined up on our wall in the hallway showing the growth of each year.  Wow!  Catching a glimpse of these photos as I pass  them from day to day, remind me of how fast she is growing up.  tear tear. 

As I wipe my eyes, I write this with a passion to persuade you how important it is for your daughter/s and their father to have these special times together.  

I was touched by this statement I saw on a post from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine“Speak of her father as the Hero of the family”.   Does your daughter see her daddy as her hero? A Father Daughter date can do just that! 

Referring back to my Blessings Series, “Blessing For Your Husband“, if you haven’t read that already, you’ll love it!   Their Father is the first man our daughters encounter.   How he treats her affects her outlook on herself, future relationships with men, her future husband and most importantly with Father God.  (I like to use the Hebrew word for Daddy, Abba).  🙂
With no positive example of a loving Father figure, daughters may seek the negative form.  That’s what we don’t want.  As an encouragement to fathers, take the lead and be your daughter’s hero.  Cultivate your relationship and love your daughters.  

I asked my daughter what she loves about having father daughter dates with her Daddy and I was surprised by what she told me.  Oh don’t get me wrong, they were great answers and very mature ones at that.  She is growing up isn’t she?  I asked Ruben my hubby for some male input and got his opinion.  Got to be fair.  

The Best 5 Things About Father Daughter Dates 
 {According to a Dad and his daughter} 

1.  Quality time with Daddy

  •      Attention, attention, attention.  

2.  Princess Treatment 

  •      It’s about her and treating her like a young lady.  

3.  High Respect

  • No matter what type of date you are on, know that she will respect you more as her father and look up to you as her hero.  Isn’t that a great thing in this world today for men when honor is no longer esteemed. 

4. Communication

  • Time to talk with your daughter is critical. Conversation is key.  When teen years come, this tends to decline with Dad and increase with Mom.  However, cultivating good communication now will let your daughter know she can trust you later.  

5. You are the Example 

  • Teach her how a young lady is to be treated.  Open the door for her, pull out her chair, and hold her hand.  These moments you will treasure for the rest of your life. 

Be challenged to schedule that father daughter date today!  The heart of your daughter depends on it.  

What are some other benefits that Father Daughter dates offer for your family?

Blessings and Shalom, 

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5 Powerful Blessings to Pray Over Your Children

Day 1:  5 Blessings To Pray Over Your Children 
{5 Day of Blessings  For Your Family Series}

{Days 1 thru 5}  

Do you ever feel there isn’t enough time in the day to pray?  

We’ve all been there.  I find that praying for our children is something we think about and may do from time, but not on a consistent basis. 

There is power in the parent’s prayer.  As parents we are advocates with authority and power over our children.   As someone once said, a mother is the first book read and the last put aside in every child’s library.  Mamas, we have influence over our children.  We have a weapon against the enemy’s plan for our children and that is prayer.  

What if we took it serious and really prayed blessings over our kids every week or every day?  Psalm 129:8 says, “The blessing of the Lord be upon you.   We bless you in the name of the Lord”. 

What a change we will see in their precious hearts and our own!  As we begin this fresh new school year, I thought it would be great to start with 5 blessings to pray over your children.  As moms and dads, let’s take on the challenge of praying for our children every day.  Be sure to also check out my 31 Days of Praying for Your Children challenge which includes a daily prayer devotion perfect for the busy mama! 

5 Powerful Blessings to pray over your children 

1.  God’s personal blessing- Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  The Lord turn his face upon you and give you peace.

2.  Protection- Psalm 91:11

The Lord will command His angels to take good care of you.

3.  Salvation- Isaiah 45: 8, 2 Tim 2:10 

Lord, let salvation spring up within my children, that they may obtain salvation that is in
Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.  

4.  Sweet Obedience- Ephesians 6:1

Children, [you] obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

5.  Greatest Command and second- Mark 29-31/Deuteronomy 6: 4-5

Hear oh Israel, The Lord is our God, The Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all of your soul.  Love Him with all of your mind and with all of your strength.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

What are some Bible verses or scriptures that you pray over your children?  Here’s to a great start to praying for your children and I hope this encourages you to press on!  Please feel free to print my free printable as a gift for you to use anywhere and anytime.  I just ask that you pin or share this gift with your Mama girlfriends!  

Blessings and Shalom,

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