5 Tips To Clear Clutter In Your Tween Daughter’s Bedroom

Transitioning from a little girl’s room to a tween girl’s room can be simple with a few organizing tips.  When Hadara got her new full size bed, we knew it was time for a change.  The bed she had before allowed her to store her toys under her bed, but that was not the case anymore.  Part of changing a child’s room to a tween room includes getting rid of unnecessary clutter.  What helped me be able to get rid of clutter with out the guilt is something I learned recently from taking a free online decluttering course.  Just because I am throwing away the item, doesn’t mean I’m throwing away the memory.  I admit some things are hard for me to part with.  I confess I still have a few of Hadara’s baby dresses hanging in her closet.  This time, I chose to let go and get rid of stuff by using these simple principles.  

1.  Cut Down on paper clutter. 

I love to hold onto old school art projects of Hadara’s or tons of small post it notes, but do I need to keep all of them?  Keep a binder for these things and make sure to toss what doesn’t fit.  Hadara also has a photo album that she keeps special moments or pictures but she must only keep what really matters.  Take a picture of it with your phone and create a memory of it on your computer. Also, when the kid’s magazines or invitations come in the mail, write down the event on calendar right away.  After each magazine is read we recycle them by passing them on to friends and family.  

2.  Create a clutter cache.

Hadara tends to collect different sorts of things that scatter easily.  What’s helping to reduce the scatter mess is keeping them contained in one box.  You can set some minor rules like once a month, your children sort through the box, deciding what to keep and what to discard or give away.  

3.  Obtain a large plastic bin for each child.  

Bins that fit under the bed are ideal.  Hadara’s old twin bunk bed gave her extra space for extra clutter and toys, but now she is limited.  We bought small plastic bins that can be stored under her bed perfectly hidden yet easily accessible.  

4.  Buy something new, get rid of the old.  

We love books!  Hadara’s book collection took up one whole book case. Way too much clutter.  She had to downsize from one book case to three shelves on a smaller bookcase.  Now, if she wants a new book, she must replace it with another she chooses to give away.  Bypass school book fairs, and visit the public library.  

5.  Keep collections down to one particular item.        

Hadara loves American Girl dolls and started collecting them a year ago.   Although, they can be fun to buy and play with, storage can become a problem.  There has to be a limit when collecting items.  Limit your child to collect one specific item or toy.  Then, make sure they have a space created just for that collection.  Most likely, their interest in that collection will phase out, so don’t waste too much money on them.  

What are some ways you keep clutter at a minimum in your daughter’s room?  

Also, to get more tips on how to decorate a tween girl’s bedroom, you’ll want to read this blog post, Paris Mint and Pink:  Hadara’s Tween Room Tour and watch our video of the room tour.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Hadara’s New Big Girl Bed

Hadara finally upgraded to a big girl bed recently.  She was getting so tall and her used twin castle bunk bed wasnt big enough for her anymore.  Hadara wanted a simple, yet pretty cottage style bed frame. Although I wanted something a little more fancy, we both came to agreement on this white sleigh bed we found at American Furniture Warehouse.  After all, this will be her bed that will take her from tween to adulthood.  Crazy!  It was just yesterday when Ruben was building her baby crib.  Boohoo.  Well, I think we were both ready for the change.  Hadara’s bedroom has a completely different look and feel to it now.  So grown up!  Ruben and I bought her a pillow top mattress and box spring to go with her new bed frame, which is so soft.  I took a nap on it the other day and it’s amazingly comfortable.    The new bed was delivered the day before Christmas Eve so it was an extra nice gift for Hadara that was long overdue.  Hadara and I  had so much fun moving her room around, cleaning it out and decorating her new bed with a new comforter.  Be sure to watch today’s video below to see how we set it up.  We’ll be doing a new room tour of Hadara’s bedroom in our next upcoming video.  So subscribe to our You Tube channel and never miss a video.   
Blessings and Shalom, 

New Doll House Find and Video Tour

On a last minute shopping trip to Big Lots last week, Hadara and I discovered a great deal!  A bookcase was on clearance for 50% off.  I have to admit the pink and polka dots stopped me in my tracks.  It might be a bookcase, but I knew it would make a perfect doll house.  So, before all emotional purchases, I decided to think about it first.  We took a picture of it and walked out without buying.  That night, Hadara and I discussed where she would put it and how she could use it.  I also talked it over with Ruben and we checked our budget.  The next morning, Ruben and Hadara were on their way to purchase a new bookcase/doll house!! 

We were very impressed with the quality.  It was easy to build, already painted and it’s very durable.  When Hadara is older, she can also use it for a bookshelf or we can paint it another color.  I believe $39 for this new diy doll house was totally worth it, plus it’s so cute!  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find great things for you kids.  

Right now, Hadara is using it for her American Girl dolls and Barbies.  It’s sort of like an apartment doll house, so she can change it out as she plays.  I love her imagination and creativity.  She decorated the new doll house right away and couldn’t wait to film a doll house tour of her own.   Hope you enjoy her video and thank you so much for watching!  

Here’s the lonely bookcase on display calling my name.  
One happy girl with a new doll house! 
What’s the latest deal you’ve scored lately??

Fashion Friday: How to Fall Refresh Your Child’s Closet on a Budget


How would you like to refresh your children’s closet without spending a cent? Whether you live on a budget or want to save money, I have some great tips for you.  In today’s Fashion Friday video, I show you how I fall refresh my daughter’s wardrobe in a fun and easy way.  Got kids?  Then, this video is for you!

Fall Fashion Friday
Let’s begin. . .   just to let you know . . .  all the items I’m wearing, I already had in my closet.  

Today’s fall outfit of the day is inspired by the American country side.  It’s a little bit of daisies, classic denim and pin stripes.  Brown riding boots kick up some dirt.  A vanilla cardigan wraps up this casual chic look.  


Hadara’s outfit is pink bling country!  A hot pink sequin top with the words LOVE totally expresses her personality.  Her matching hot pink leggings and silver ballerina flats are so fun.




What are some ways you refresh your children’s closet on a budget?  
Are you inspired to put together an American Country fall outfit?  

May you have a lovely restful weekend, from all of us at the Little Pink Casa.  

Blessings and Shalom, 


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How to Make an Emergency Backpack for Kids

Did you know that September is National Prep Month?  Through some research, I stumbled upon this fact and thought it would be cool to make an emergency back pack for my daughter.  With everything going on in the world, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared whether it is for natural disaster or other things.  Even if you just need to have a backpack ready to go for each child in your household for those spontaneous trips, it works well too. 

Okay, so one night, I began brainstorming and started to throw things in the back pack.  Before you know it, it was stuffed.  So, you have to balance the essentials with things your child really needs.   

When I made this emergency back pack, I was planning for one week of essentials.  I wanted this to be a grab and go bag.  In case you have to leave quickly.  So it must be packed with things that you won’t be using from day to day.  It must be ready.  Once the bag is packed, it stays ready in a closet.  Hopefully, you will never have to use it.  But there’s peace of mind knowing it’s there just in case.  

I also thought that a backpack would be easier than packing a duffel or suitcase.  During emergencies limited space can be an issue.  When needed, each child can carry their own on their back.  It is easier to travel with and tote around.  

Also, if you have babies, then you will want to have an emergency diaper bag, because the list I’m giving you caters to children.  I’m sure if you have babies, you probably already have one of those anyway.  Right? 

Here’s my list of items I included, but if you have any other ideas, please comment and share yours!  

Suggested Items to Pack: 

glow sticks (Dollar Store) 
crayons  (dual purpose- can be lit as a candle and used for recreation)
small Bible
small picture of family 
snacks in big ziplock bag
paper pads/art supplies/pencil
a few small toys

clothes for atleast 5 days:  pack a couple of variety of items for seasonal, and make sure to switch out items according to seasons-warmer or colder climates. 

tennis shoes 

tooth brush

tooth paste 
hand sanitizer
baby wipes
lip balm

small pillow


My travel roll-up bag is also a great tool for a quick grab and go  

click here to read my post all about it! 

Hopefully, this got you to think about preparing.  Also, I want you to remember we are not to prepare out of fear, yet we use wisdom that comes from the Lord.  It is wise to be ready in all situations.  You do what is needed for your family.  Pray and ask the Lord for guidance on this issue.  

Have you started an emergency kit for your family? 

Do you have any other emergency packing tips?  

Blessings and Shalom,  

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Organizing Your Homeschool With a Roll-up Bag

Can you believe yesterday was National Back to School Day?  Some of you have already started school or just beginning, but the joy of homeschool is flexibility.  Don’t you agree?  We started our homeschool year in July and took a break and now we are going back to homeschool in mid August.  It works well with our schedule.  

Since I am excited about posting more of my Back to Homeschool posts, I wanted to share with you this great idea.  Here is one way we keep school supplies organized while we are on the go! 

Organizing Roll-up Bag

I know that school supplies can be organzied in caddys, shoe bags and drawers.  You name it!  We all have our great ways to organize our homeschool.  

However, what about the times when you need to be “on the go” with the kiddies? Going to doctor’s appointments, Grandma’s house and even those boring car shopping trips  when you need supplies to keep those little ones from making you go car crazy.   

We use this travel roll-up bag from Mary Kay which is multifunctional.  I love that it has 4 bags that zip and they are see through so we know what to grab.  It rolls up, has a handle to carry and a hanger for hanging on a hook or hall tree.  

Hadara likes to pack in the first bag a pack of crayons, colored pencils, and markers. 

In the second bag, Hadara packs her scissors, glue sticks, pencil sharpener and pencils. You getting the idea? 

In the third bag we pack papers, note pads, mini activity books, and stickers.  

In the “favorite” fourth bag, Hadara packs her snacks!  Why not?  We all know that snacks boost creativity and calm those tummy rumbles. 

Why This Bag Rocks! 

We find that this roll-up bag works well for girls and boys.  The things you can organize and pack in this bag are endless and interchangeable.  Plus the bags velcro on and off.  The best part about this bag is that you can clean it and it’s black exterior is forgiving just in case you don’t have time to clean it!   

Mini toys, ipods, books, baby items and you can even pack a child’s day outfit in each bag.  I was surprised how much I really could pack in this bag!  

Now,  I do have one of these just for me and I use it for my make-up and skin care.  It’s great for travel or just to keep it all organized in my bathroom.  So, hey when the kids grow out of it, the bag will be useful for Mom anytime! 

There are many ways to keep our kids organized and I hope this one idea of mine helps you.  Do you have another great way to organize your kid’s “on the go” supplies?  I’d love to hear what they are Moms! 

Remember, these days it’s all about keeping it simple and easy.  
Back to Homeschool will be a snap.  

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