An Encouraging Word for the Busy Woman

Every time I log on to pinterest, I am overwhelmed and over stimulated!
Can you relate?  Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely like Pinterest and enjoy it.  It’s a great way for my creative juices to start flowing when I need a boost.  However,  I’ve noticed that many of the pins I see are about ideas and ways to grab my attention on doing.  Doing lots of things and keeping me very busy.  I see so many graphics staring at me.  They are calling out for my attention to repin or click on them to explore the website from which they came.  Before I know it, another hour has gone by spent on Pinterest.   How can pinning be so involved?  What am I really focusing on?  Where are my priorities?

Our lives can be a lot like Pinterest.  We have so many areas of our lives calling out for our attention.  So many boards to be pinned, but not enough time.  We are busy doing, but are we doing the right thing? 

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As Moms, we can get very busy doing like our friend Martha.
The Bible tells us in Luke 10:38-42 when Jesus came over to visit, Mary sat at His feet and listened to Him for a long time.  Mean while, Martha was so busy cooking and cleaning.  There was so much to do!  Sound familiar?  

The longer Mary listened to Jesus, the angrier Martha got.  She finally got so fed up and asked Jesus to tell her sister Mary to help her.  However, Jesus told Martha she shouldn’t be upset, because Mary was doing what she was suppose to be doing.  Listening and Worshipping at His feet.

Now, Martha was the total opposite of her sister Mary. 

  • Martha cared about the cares of this world.  I’m sure Mary did too, however, Mary cared more about her Caregiver.  
  • Martha cared about schedules and making sure everything was just right.  I’m sure Mary did too, however, Mary put the Lord first.  
  • Martha depended on her hands to get things done.  Mary focused on the Lord with her heart and gave it fully.  

Martha was probably admired by many women at that time.  She knew how to run a household and keep it going in tip top shape.  Right?  However, the difference between the two ladies was that Mary decided that she cared more about being with her Master.  Martha cared more about her duties.  She was distracted.  

Ouch!  Does that strike a nerve?

I love this illustration for us women.  We can be so great at this and that.  There’s nothing wrong with being a lovely homemaker and enjoying it.  God created us to be creative and hard workers.  Yes, we should have order in our home.  Yet, when our doing takes us away from our time with the Lord, then it is a problem.  

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Be like Mary, A Worshipper
Then, the Lord calls us and asks sweetly, “Will you be a Mary?”.
Being like Mary is simple.  It’s child-like.  It is full of grace and surrender.  
We don’t have to perform or work for anything.  We just rest, in our Lord and listen.  

How long before we bow down at our Master’s feet?  How long before we cast away all the cares of this world to pay attention to our Care Giver?   The Lord deserves all of our worship, first and foremost.  He is not too busy for us.  Thank God.  

  • Stop.  Focus on Him.  When you focus on the Lord, all distractions are removed.  
  • Worship at His feet, Be with the Lord Jesus and give Him first priority.

It is so good for us to be in His presence, where we are made strong.  That’s where we belong ladies.  We are in His protection and love.  Deep love. 

The good news is that we can be a Mary right now.  We can change directions at any time and decide that nothing or no one is more important than our time spent with Jesus.

Ask Him to help you today and give you the strength to put down other things that are taking your attention and time away from Him.  Ask forgiveness for putting other idols before Him.  

Then, just bask in His presence and worship our Mighty Master.  It’s time to fall deeply in love again.  Just be at His feet.  

He is crazy about you sister!  All that house work can wait.  You have His permission.

It’s so good to be a worshipper, isn’t it?!  Yes it is. 

Blessings and Shalom,

How are some ways you are like a Mary or Martha?  How do you take time for the Lord? Please feel free to share your heart and comment.  

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An Encouraging Word for Women: It’s Time to Worship!

How beautiful are you O Lord, you are worthy to be praised. 
I magnify you!  
Here’s the beautiful sunrise photo

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul,
O my soul
Worship His Holy Name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name.

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning,
It’s time to sing Your song again.
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me,
Let me be singing when the evening comes.

I’m reminded of this beautiful worship song by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman today.
A few years ago, I woke up early one morning and when I opened the shutters, I was overwhelmed with the most beautiful sunrise.  I called Princess into the room and told her to look up! I encouraged her to look at the beautiful sunrise the Lord gave us that special morning.

At that moment, my heart leaped with joy.  Joy because I could sense how new the day was.  I could feel how precious the Lord is when He is gracious and full of compassion towards us.

I just stood there amazed, looking out the window and took photos of the different stages as the sun rose.

The Lord reminded me of how He created me and created the world.  He is the one true God!  Adonai, Elohim, Yeshua, Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer.   He is all powerful and in control of my life.  No matter what happens today or tomorrow.  I trust Him all the way!

At that moment, I was filled with a grateful heart and so much love because of all He does for me, my family and for all of us.  He gives us new mercy.  Every morning is a new chance.  A new day to start a new.  We can leave what happened yesterday behind us.  We can sing a new song again! 

During this season as we are getting ready to enter September,  I sense an urgency for me to seek Him more.  I desire to be closer to my Lord more than ever before.  I wrote this post because I felt that the Lord wanted me to share this with you.  

Moms, women, daughters, we need Him so much, but most of all, He wants you so much!

It’s time to Worship!  

Take some time this morning and yes even in all the craziness of life, focus on the Lord!  Now is the time!  Don’t wait.  Don’t wait another second.  Put the phone down. Turn away from the computer after you read this post.  Let the laundry wait.  Be a Mary today, a worshipper.  Worship at His feet.  

We can get so busy doing, and working and homeschooling and couponing and blogging, etc . . . that we lose focus on spending time with the Lord.  I know how hard it is, and I am growing in this area too!  

I encourage you today to spend time with the King of Kings and let Him love on you! 

Repent, cry out to the Lord, sing a new song of praise, and lay all your burdens down before Him.

Sister, you are loved.  Today is your new day!  No matter what you have done.  Come as you are.  He is waiting for you with love in His eyes.  

A prayer for you

Lord, I pray for this sister right now.  

That you would draw her attention to You!
I pray that she would feel Your love 
and know that You are with her in this life journey.  
Help us to forget yesterday and be forgiven for the past 
and to live in the newness of Your mercies today and every day. 
Help us to focus only on you Lord and trust you
with everything.  We want you Jesus! 
More of you Jesus!  
In Jesus’ Name, 

Keep pressing on, beautiful! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

Please comment and let me know if this post has blessed you or let me know some ways you take time out for the Lord in your daily walk.  What are some of your favorite worship Bible verses?  This post was meant to be read just by you today.  

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