Our Very First Attempt at Classical Morning Time! Homeschool Vlog

This month, I discovered the Charlotte Mason homeschool approach and was smitten.  I’ve been homeschooling Hadara for seven years, yet barely now, I just found this amazing way of homeschooling.  I couldn’t wait to begin.  This week, we tried a new homeschool approach called classical morning time.  It’s one beautiful aspect of the Charlotte Mason way.  Today, I share snippets of our first two days trying it out, tea and all!

Homeschool at the Library and How we do it!

Lately, Hadara has fallen in love with our city library.  The book worm bit her and shes’s officially fallen for reading.  To this day, we’ve maxed out our library cards with books and dvds.

We needed a change of pace and scenery.  A new motivation to learn outside of the home.  The library has such a stimulating environment we love.  Something about being surrounded by knowledge is very motivating.  So, we decided to try homeschooling once a week at our city library.   Sometimes we’ll go on Monday, Thursday or Friday depending on what we got going on each week.

It works out great because our library offers free private study rooms with dry erase boards, perfect for homeschool.  I usually reserve a room one week ahead.

This is what our typical homeschool day at the library looks like this: 

Arrive when library opens and drop off our bag loads of books to return.

Head straight to our study room, set up iPad (for my blogging on the go), plug in iPhone, get out homeschool stuff from our backpacks,  yummy snacks out (shh…) and my warm herbal tea.

Get started as we work through our homeschool schedule for that day.  Usually prayer, Bible journal writing, reading, grammar, spelling and math.

As Hadara works independently, I’ll take those small bits of time to blog on my iPad.  I don’t have a laptop (praying for one) but blogging on the go with my iPad sure does help.

Then, we work together on our unit book study for that week.  This month we completed our unit book study Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our fall seasons unit.  We also started Little House on the Prairie read aloud and Charlotte’s Web unit study.

We also love to have some fun on Snapchat and Instagram stories as we share snippets of our homeschool day.

After we finish unit study time, we wrap up, pack up and take our homeschool bags back to the car.  It’s usually around 12:30 noonish, when we finish.

We go back inside the library to check out books and pick up our requested ones.  That’s the best part!  It always feels like a shopping rush when we walk out with new books for free!

After our library day is done, we’ll go home for lunch or sometimes pack a lunch for picnic in the park afterwards.  Maybe run a few errands, go shopping or chill at a coffee shop to read our new checked out books.

And just like that, we homeschool in the library.   So far, we love it and look forward to (can’t wait for) our next homeschool day at the library!!

What are some ways you utilize the library for your homeschool?   I’d love to know how your family keeps homeschool fresh and exciting.


How to Teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One {Homeschool VLOG}

In our last homeschool post, we shared about how to set up All About Reading Level 3 before you teach it.  Today, we are sharing how to teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One.  In this video, we walk through the entire reading lesson from letter tiles to activity sheets. This is what Hadara is using for her reading this year along with Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange series.  Our video will give you a better understanding of how easy the lessons are to work through for both mom and student. 

So if you’re curious about the curriculum or how it works, watch our video!  We want to help you in your homeschool journey.  Our next homeschool vlog is Our Homeschool Day with a 5th grader and Preschooler.  Be sure to subscribe below to our YouTube channel and the blog for more homeschool videos!  

Blessings and Shalom, 

All About Reading Level 3 Opening and Set Up

Have you heard of All About Reading curriculum?  Today, Hadara and I open up All About Reading 3 and show you how to set it all up! We’ve been using All About Reading for two years now and Hadara really likes it.  First, she really enjoys the hands on approach using the letter tiles.  This really helped her in the beginning to become a fluent reader.   Hadara also enjoys the workbook activities the best!  The only thing I disliked about the set-up was tearing apart all of the word cards.  There’s a bunch!  However, Hadara helped me share the load of tearing them apart.  It’s great to get the kids involved!   We were excited to get started and you get to come along with us.  You’ll see how I use a cookie sheet for our letter tiles instead of a white board, plus it’s seeing a day in the life of our homeschool.  

So if you’re curious about the curriculum or how it works, watch our video!  We want to help you in your homeschool journey.  Our next homeschool vlog is How to Teach All About Reading Level 3 and we walk through the entire Lesson One with you.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog below for more homeschool videos like these.  

Do you use All About Reading?  
I’m always interested in other types of curriculum.  Let us know in the comments below what reading curriculum you enjoy and why you like it?

Blessings and Shalom, 

Multiplication Hop Scotch Math Game

Need a fun way to teach your children multiplication facts?  Today, Hadara and I show you how we use hop scotch to make learning multiplication fun in homeschool.  We use Multiplication Songs Workbook and Cassette, but they do offer a CD now.  If you have a kinesthetic, audio or musical learner, then they’ll love these fun math games.  Who said math has to be learned sitting down?  No way . . . not for us.  It’s time to have fun! 

What are some fun ways you teach math to your children?  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

Back to Homeschool Update!

I’m a little late.   Yes, I know it’s October, but I’ve been super busy since we started homeschool in September to write this update post.  We are in our 4th week of homeschool and really enjoying being back on a schedule.  Our new homeschool curriculum arrived 3 weeks into homeschool, so we are on our 2nd week using the new curriculum.  I’ll talk more about our schedule and what curriculum Hadara is using in a future post.  I can’t believe Hadara is starting her 5th grade year in homeschool.  Although I don’t like to label her into a grade level, because that’s why we homeschool.  Yet, to keep my former teacher sanity, ahem, for the record she’s in 5th grade.  Also, we updated our homeschool room, thanks to Ruben.  I was seriously not looking forward to that job.  I was procrastinating somewhat, and then one night Ruben told me he was going to help me.  Yes, I love that man!  Ruben moved the desk across the room while Hadara and I cleaned up our bookshelves.  I love when we work as a team.  It’s like a brand new homeschool room again.  It feels so spacious and when I walk in the room, I can think again.  I hate being a clutter bug, so now it’s back to being tidy.  I still have to tackle the bulletin board, but that will be later.  It seems that as I go along, I clean little bits at a time.  Is that how you attack a huge job too?  Well, in the mean time, enjoy our First Day of Homeschool Update video below.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more homeschool videos all month! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

A Day at the Zoo {Sentimental Sunday}

It’s Sentimental Sunday and we’re going back to 2010.  In today’s video, I share Hadara’s first homeschool field trip at the Phoenix zoo.  It was also her first time at the zoo.  Hadara is 5 years old in this video and she’s so “chubby cheeks cute”.  I can see how she’s grown and changed looking back.  I was different too.  My hair was red.  Well, more like a dark auburn red.  It was very pretty, but I think I enjoy my dark hair best now.  Ruben had the day off so he could join us for the field trip and make it a family day!   Hadara enjoyed seeing all the animals, but I remember her favorite one was the elephants.  However, her ultimate favorite part of the day was the merry-go-round.  She’s loved riding on those things since she was a toddler.  As I look back and see the footage, the one thing that hit me was Hadara’s precious laugh.  Aww, the enjoyable age of five, kindergarten.  They grow up fast mamas!  I encourage you to take time to enjoy your children’s smile and laughter.  You’ll soon miss it.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Our Homeschool Day VLOG: President’s Day, Upcycled Art Caddy, and Outdoor Science!

Last Monday, I filmed our homeschool day.  I’ve never blogged about our homeschool days before.  I’ve wanted to vlog (film our day) for a while, and I guess after five years of homeschooling, I finally took the plunge!  There are two reasons why I want to vlog our homeschool days:   

  1. I would like memories of our homeschool days recorded and give Ruben a chance to see what we do while he’s at work.  🙂 
  2. To help other homeschool moms just starting out or looking for help, ideas and the real us!  
Last Monday was President’s day, but we still had homeschool anyways.  Yup, the great thing about homeschool is the flexibility it gives us.  Every day in homeschool is different at the Little Pink Casa.  I love to change it up so Hadara and I don’t get bored or burned out.  That is another blessing when homeschooling an only child.  I’m the type of homeschool mama that likes a schedule, but also loves to have fun!  I mean come on, our children are only kids once and it goes by so fast!  

I get asked by new homeschool moms what I do and what curriculum I use.  I love to share my ideas, but also remind you that what works for me, might not work for you.  One of my biggest mistakes when I first began homeschooling was trying to copy what other moms did!  That’s a big no no.  You must look at your children and do what’s best for them and their learning styles.  With that in mind, I’m sharing with you the resources and curriculum we used in our video if you’re interested?  You can find them down below.  Some are free, some were hand me downs, some were things I used when I taught school and and some were bought.  I totally mix it up.   I also love homeschool on a budget and finding simple ways to teach Hadara in every day life.  

Today, on the vlog, you’ll also want to check out how I recycled my Pampered Chef utensil caddy and upcycled it into a homeschool art caddy.  It’s a lazy susan caddy too and so much fun to spin around!  Love it!   You’ll also see how we had fun with science outdoors in our (cough) clover weed garden. We usually do Bible devotions also before we start our regular tasks, which is not in the video.  In our next homeschool vlog, I’ll be sure to include that, so be sure to subscribe.  You can watch us in our day in the life of our homeschool here on LittlePinkCasaTv or below.   Hadara and I hope you enjoy! 

Homeschool Resources of the Day  
Silent Reading Time:  American Girl Isabelle 
Spelling: All About Spelling 
Blessings and Shalom,