How to Create a Fall Atmosphere in Your Home

Creating a fall atmosphere in my home is a great joy of mine.  Although I love summer and decorating with coastal decor, I’m always ready for a change.  It doesn’t take much to cozy up a family room or refresh a kitchen for fall and winter.  I make it simple.   With Thanksgiving next week, you may need some decorating ideas.  Today I’m sharing my best inspiring tips on how I get my home ready for fall.

Light a candle.

Candles enhance the ambience of my home with a fall feeling.  I like to start off my morning by lighting a candle during my devotional prayer time.  Watching the flame glow makes me feel all cozy inside and also reminds me that winter is on it’s way.  My favorite candle fragrance this year is apple pumpkin from Yankee Candle.

Change out pillows. 

Updating my pillows is a snap with slip covers.  I also add rust pillows with leaves to add a pop of fall color to my coastal look slip colors which I bought 3 years ago from  Even changing textures like adding pillows with fleece, fur or yarn help warm up a room.  A great tip to keep your slip colors looking new is wash them inside out and let them air dry-no dryer.  They iron really easily if you must.

Add warm blankets to sofas and chairs.  

I love snuggling up on the couch with a soft cozy blanket during the fall and winter time.  Especially after a long day, when we gather for a family movie or listen to a old time radio show.  I drape sherpa throws over my pink wing back chair and over my sofa then cover with pillows.

DIY Fall Home Fragrance

When I walk into my home, I want it to smell like fall.  Lately, I’ve tried to eliminate unhealthy fragrances in my home ( I’m working on the candles) and using more organic essential oils.  I love adding orange essential oil to my DIY apple cinnamon home fragrance recipe.  The fragrance simmers in my mini crockpot all day and makes my home smell like Christmas!

Decorate with pumpkins.

This year, Hadara decorated my kitchen and living room for me because I was sick with my gastritis issues in October.  She used the pumpkin we picked at the pumpkin patch to make a table centerpiece.  Hadara also placed white mini pumpkins we bought at Trader Joes all around the living room.  Every year, we put out our special leaves candle holders and decorate the bakers rack in the kitchen with our special Thanksgiving plaque I bought the first year Ruben and I were married.  Also, I add a new fall printable to my picture frame.  This year it’s all about being thankful. I’m so proud of Hadara for taking on the decorating job this year.  As she grows up, she reminds me how sweet and creative she is around the home and I’m glad I gave her the opportunity to be apart of the fall decorating.

Attitude of gratitude

Fill your home with thankfulness, generosity and gratitude.  Since the beginning of November, I’ve been writing in my gratitude journal.  It’s changed my life.  My heart and attitude sets the atmosphere for the home.  When I start my day off with a grateful heart, it will overflow on the rest of my family.   I can either choose to have my home flow with an atmosphere of complaining, pity and negativity OR gratefulness, love and positivity.  Wearing my Thankful Grateful Blessed tee also reminds me to be consider it all joy!

Creating a fall atmosphere in your home can be simple.  Take the little things you enjoy to refresh your home.  The holidays are upon us and soon we’ll be decorating for Christmas and Hanukkah (Yes, we celebrate both).

What are some ways you create a fall atmosphere in your home?  Comment below, I’d love to know what you do!





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Paris Mint and Pink: Hadara’s Tween Room Tour

In our last blog post, we shared the excitement of Hadara’s new bed.  Today, we reveal the final makeover of her newly decorated Paris themed mint and pink bedroom.  

Hadara loves the color mint.   However, her walls are painted pink.  So, we had to compromise.  Hadara was tired of pink and purple, so we settled for pink and mint. First thing, we bought was chevron mint and white curtains at Target.  We hopped over to the bedding aisle in Target and saw this cute Paris Bonjour Ballerina comforter set.  It was so cute, but totally out of our budget.  So, we waited.  Good things come to those who wait, because at the end of the week, guess what landed in my email box?  A coupon for Target bedding $20 off $100. Yay!  We bought the Paris Bonjour comforter quilt and both shams.  Now, the bed was finished!  After the curtains were up and the bed was made, the room really came together.  Basicly, that’s all we did!  Hadara already had cute Paris and London signs from the Dollar Tree which went along perfectly with the Paris theme and they were pink!  Since Hadara loves dance and ballet, she already had some fun ballerina decor on her dresser and shelves which tied in with the bedding.  I really think it looks so cute!  Girly, but not too grown up.  Pefect for a tween girl who’s growing into teen years.  Seriously, that was too easy.  Be sure to watch today’s fun video, Hadara’s Room Tour below for more ideas. 
Also, to get more tips on how I updated Hadara’s little girl room to a tween room you’ll want to read this blog post, 5 Tips to Clear Clutter In Your Tween Daughter’s Bedroom

Blessings and Shalom, 

Hadara’s New Big Girl Bed

Hadara finally upgraded to a big girl bed recently.  She was getting so tall and her used twin castle bunk bed wasnt big enough for her anymore.  Hadara wanted a simple, yet pretty cottage style bed frame. Although I wanted something a little more fancy, we both came to agreement on this white sleigh bed we found at American Furniture Warehouse.  After all, this will be her bed that will take her from tween to adulthood.  Crazy!  It was just yesterday when Ruben was building her baby crib.  Boohoo.  Well, I think we were both ready for the change.  Hadara’s bedroom has a completely different look and feel to it now.  So grown up!  Ruben and I bought her a pillow top mattress and box spring to go with her new bed frame, which is so soft.  I took a nap on it the other day and it’s amazingly comfortable.    The new bed was delivered the day before Christmas Eve so it was an extra nice gift for Hadara that was long overdue.  Hadara and I  had so much fun moving her room around, cleaning it out and decorating her new bed with a new comforter.  Be sure to watch today’s video below to see how we set it up.  We’ll be doing a new room tour of Hadara’s bedroom in our next upcoming video.  So subscribe to our You Tube channel and never miss a video.   
Blessings and Shalom, 

4th of July Decorating Ideas!

In today’s video, I share how I decorated my kitchen Fourth of July style.  It’s my unique style and I like it.   I love to decorate with blue and white for summer with a twist of nautical.  I can’t forget to include American crafting in my decor too.  I even show you how to make a easy utensil/straw jar for your picnic table.  Hope you get some ideas and enjoy the video.  Looking for more 4th of July ideas?  I have two DIY ideas for making an American flag door hanger and kid’s t-shirt on this post here.

 For my U.S. friends, have a safe and blessed weekend celebrating our freedom! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

Design 101: How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

It’s that time again.  Remember my post about the Girl’s Night Out event I attended at Down East Basics a couple weeks ago?  {Click here to read about how I started this Design adventure}

I promised you I would share the decorating tips I learned from Designer Debbie Stapley with you and today is that day! Double yippie!!

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive ladies.  It is possible to stay on a budget while making a beautiful home.  It just takes time, patience and favor in the marketplace.  Yes, I said favor.  I pray before I walk into a store and ask God to give me favor for finding the best deals and saving money.  And it works!  The Lord is good! 

Sometimes, we think we need to buy new furniture or paint a wall to make a room feel new again, but that’s not true.  I learned that it’s all about the little things called details.  You can refresh a room on a budget by adding accessories.  It’s so easy and you will be inspired to start today.  

1. Pillows

Adding or changing pillows can help a theme evolve and tie a room together.  They can pull colors from different parts of the room and add personality to your home.  

Budget Tip: Add a vintage brooch to a pillow or recover your old ones. 

2. Throws

Adding throws to your room adds texture, color and dimension.  
Place a throw on a arm of a chair, foot of the bed or arm of the couch.  
Budget Tip: Be creative. Use a large scarf in place of a throw. 
I used a black and white chevron scarf on my bed in my master bedroom to add some fun and personality.  This is the first time showing you my bedroom.  It’s coming along, but I’m not finished yet.  

3. Animal Prints 

You can’t go wrong with these timeless and classic designs.  Adding a little touch to an office or living room can add sophistication instantly. 

Budget Tip:  Make your own animal wall art.  
4. Books 
Add charm to your room with old or new books.  
Raise something higher on a table or shelf. 

Budget Tip:  Tie books or old magazines with string and display in a bin or basket. 

5. Rugs

Add warmth and color to any room when you add a rug.  
Rugs also help define a space in your room and can make a fashion statement. 

Budget Tip: Shop stores like HomeGoods and Ross for affordable rugs. I found these chevron rugs at Family Dollar for only $6, so don’t judge a store by its name. Saving money is smart.  

6. Baskets, Trunks, Bins and Trays

You can stack, arrange, and store with these organizers.  They help contain clutter to a minimum and add texture to any room. 

Budget Tip: A coffee table arrangement using a tray is simple and easy to move when cleaning or playing those board games.  

7. Vintage Anything

Add history and character to any space with vintage pieces.  This one is my favorite because I can showcase memories that create a nostalgic feel to my home.  


There you have it! I hope my seven design tips inspired you as much as they did me!
Stay tuned for Design 101: Part 2 coming soon!

Which one will you do to refresh your home this season? 
I think I’ll focus on pillows and bust out that sewing machine 
and create some new pillow covers.  Go me! 

Comment below, I’d love to hear your precious thoughts. 

Have a beautiful day! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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A Girl’s Night Out {Design 101 Adventure @ DownEast}

Summer is such a fun time to refresh my home.  I don’t know about you, but I always need some decor inspiration.  I get lost on Pinterest collecting pics after pics, but how do I put all that together?  How about you? 

Two weeks ago, my family took a shopping detour.  You know one of those trips, where you thought you were going to Winco, but ended up at DownEast?  

Ever do that?  

A brand new DownEast store just opened up in my area.   I was shocked with belief to drive up in the parking lot and spot this new shopping destination to explore.  Score! 

So of course, we had to check it out, ahem . . . I mean, I had to check it out, my family just followed me through the door. 

I absolutely knew when I walked in, this was going to be fun!

I found a couple of sassy items, I will show you in another post.  

For now, we will just concentrate on the pretty sign that attracted me to sign up for this splendid event. 
At first glance, I just knew I had to attend this because . . . 

1st,  It would be great to blog about and share with you. 
2nd,  I need more design tips for a summer refresh in my home.

I’m kind of lost when it comes to decorating.  I know what I like and what I don’t like.  I just need a way to make sense of it all.  

I was hoping I would come away with some new design inspiration, and home decor tips.  And girl, did I ever! 

So the day finally came and of course, I was the first one there.  This blogger Mama made sure she got front row.   Just seeing the presentation table got me all giddy!  
Creative boards, frame bulletin boards and vintage displays give a glimpse of inspiration. 

As more attendees showed up, all those seats behind me got filled up!  My precious daughter wanted to get in this picture before her and Daddy left on their date.  Can you see our excitement? 

Hadara is modeling her pretty in pink outfit from DownEast Basics we scored last week at 40% off.  She even window shopped a little and found this little cutie.   

I just love the little touches DownEast put into this event.  Every one received a folder with design notes and resources.  I really got excited with this cute notepad and paint color sample bookmark courtesy of DownEast Home. 
A little details.  I always love victorian tea plates.  The desserts were served on these little lovelies created from antique plates and candlestick holders. 
Our Presenter/Designer Debbie Stapley was such a joy to watch.  Her energy and passion for decor was contagious.  I learned so much from her!   

I had an opportunity to talk with her before class as she set up the desserts.  She mentioned that this was the first girls’s night out event at this DownEast store.   I’m so happy I attended!   

I will share the best tips I learned from Debbie’s Design 101 class in a future home decor post.  

And then, there were the raffle prizes.  I always like free products.  We finished off the night with announcing the winners! 

Guess who won a precious gift? 
 Yes!  I was blessed to be one of the winners.  Debbie told me, “It pays to the be the first one!”.  I believe it! 

The revealing of my prize . . . so beautiful.  I have always wanted a vase like this and the color is perfect for my bedroom.  Now, to find a perfect place for it?  Thank you Lord for this special blessing.  

What a lovely Girl’s Night Out I had at DownEast Home.  

I also vlogged about this perfect night on video. 
Here’s the video highlight of the event: 

You can also watch it on my Little Pink Casa youtube channel.  

I’m so looking forward to the next design class! 
Remember, I will be sharing the best design tips I learned in future post, so stay tuned. 

Click here for my next post in this Design 101 Series:  
How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget.   

Do you have a DownEast Home & Clothing store where you live? 
Check out their website: DownEast Home & Clothing 

What are some things you’d like to learn about home decorating or decor? 

What is one thing you do to summer refresh your home? 
I love to add coastal cool colors and items in my home to remind me of the beach! 

Blessings and Shalom
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5 Easy Fall Decor Ideas and Free Fall Printable

Time for Fall!  I’ts my favorite time of the year.  Even though it’s still warm here in the desert, I felt that urge to pull out all the fall decor and put away the summer blue coastal decor.  After all it was the last day of summer and while we were preparing for Sukkot, it just made sense. What a fun project!  Plus it’s all on a budget.  Yes!

I never unpacked my Fall decor box since our move, so it was easy to find.
Do any of you have a box like this?  Well I’m sort of organized.  So it’s not in a nice clear tub, oh well!

Oops! I labled it “Thanksgiving”.  Ha ha, the things you’ll do when you are packing.

How to Decorate a Baker’s Rack for Fall?
I first started with my bakers rack in our kitchen/dining area.  This is one of my oldest pieces of furniture we bought when we were first married.  This piece has been used for various things and in many rooms.  It’s so adaptable and since I don’t have a china cabinet, it’s my special piece that gets to be all decked out for the seasons.  

Now, I love victorian decor with a little bit of French country, modern trend and some retro 50’s in there.  It’s fun to mix it all in.  So here we go! 

I have a picture frame I painted white and embellished it.  I change it out when I feel like it.  Sometimes I just put scrapbook paper inside and use a dry erase marker and write whatever I want.  This time, I changed it for fall and created my own printable which I’m so excited about because I’m sharing it with you!  

I have pottery dishes that my sweet Grandmother gave me when I was a little girl.  I’ve kept them and they always look so pretty with fall decor, special tea cups, I’d say!

I enjoy displaying my white tea pot and placed underneath is a pretty crocheted pot holder.
I love orange and green for fall.  
Orange leaves mixed with blues is pretty.
 Country mixed with pretty white dishes. 
I display my Precious Moments tea pot for Fall every year. 

I layer my dishes to make room for them all! Here are some more of my pottery that I received from my Grandmother.  
I love this crocheted apron from my Grandmother that was made in the 
1950’s.  I display this by simply hanging it and tying it with a pretty bow. 

I had extra leaves from dollar store and just tied them onto a string of flat lace to make a simple garland.  I love using flat vintage laces for garland.  

Project Baker’s Rack finished! 
As you can see I added my cute little pumpkin on the very top!  I’ll be adding more as we get closer to Thanksgiving, but for now, it’s all about gently ushering in the Fall season. 

Fall Centerpiece
Now on to the table scheme.  I love adding orange, green and earthy colors.  
I created this with some beans at base.  That’s it.  Very earthy, I might say. Simple it is. And we must not forget our candles!  

Deck the Mirrors
Adding a pretty fall piece to any mirror hanging in your home gives it that Victorian holiday flair.

Apple Pear Cinnamon Delight
Want a yummy fall treat for the family? This is great mixed in hot oatmeal or just as a side dish. Here’s an easy peasy fun treat you could make in your sleep!

Apple Pear Cinnamon Delight RECIPE:
2 apples
2 pears
1 TBSP cinnamon
2 TBSP of lemon or lime juice 
1 TBSP powdered sugar

Chop up fruit.  Combine in bowl.  Drizzle lime/lemon juice over top.

Sprinkle Cinnamon and powdered sugar. 
Mix before serving.  

I hope you were inspired by my Fall ideas! 
These are just a few ideas for you to get started and to use what you already have in your own home.  It pays to keep all of the seasonal items together and organized by colors.  I enjoy seeing how others decorate their home for Fall too.  Here are some links for more fall inspiration.

Autumn Home Decorating Ideas:

Here at the little Pink casa, we are so ready for Autumn.  Now, just got to get my fall wreath on the door.  🙂 

Have you started decorating for Fall yet?  

Which one of my fall ideas was your favorite? 

 Are you going to use my FREE Fall in Love printable?  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Visit me on Pinterest and Follow my Autumn board for more ideas.  

“Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before.”
Joel 2:23 NIV

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How to Make a Dress up Area for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Ooh La la. . . 
Do you have a little girl who loves to play dress-up?  Here is a easy and affordable way to create a dress-up area for your little Princess.  

We decided to take part of my daughter’s wall and designate it as her dress-up area. I had all the supplies already in our stash.   I found the princess shelf, girly hooks, and picture frame at Ross and Burlington Coat Factory a few years ago.  The pink organizing box is from Big Lots.  

Supplies you will need:


organizing box
old picture frame
scrapbook paper
dry erase marker

It’s pretty much as easy as you can see in the photo.  

  • We used the hooks to hang up the dresses and tea party hats.  
  • We placed her dress up heels and gloves in the accessories organizer box at bottom.  
  • I finished it by adding scrapbook paper inside picture frame. 
  • I wrote “dress-up” directly on the frame with dry erase marker and added a cute princess photo and some of Hadara’s favorite things to the shelf.  
That’s it!  Creating a dress-up area can be easy.  I hope this idea helped you and gave you a creative way to make a dress-up area for your little girl.  You can watch the video Hadara and I filmed below.  We had so much fun doing this.  Hope you enjoyed this post/video! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

Have you made a dress-up are for your little girl?  Comment below.  

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