Veggie Power Soup Recipe ( How I’m healing my stomach inflammation)

Recently, I’ve been dealing with stomach inflammation issues.  It’s been one week which feels like 3 months.  If you’ve suffered with gastritis, ulcers or any stomach inflammation, you understand what I mean.  I share about my health scare at the ER in this post if you want to read all about my stomach flare up episode.

When I left the ER, it had been two days since I ate.  I lost 5 pounds during that week.  I needed to eat.  I was searching the internet for what foods could help me and not cause any more harm to my gut.  I always use as my go to source for healthy recipes, and healthy remedies.  When I read this article about foods to heal gastritis and ulcers, I created this veggie power soup recipe.  Hoping it would help heal my stomach, lesson the stomach pain and give me nourishment.  If you’re suffering with gastritis, ulcers or any stomach related issues, this veggie power soup will help you like it’s helping me (or help you lose weight and detox which is a good thing)!

Veggie Power Soup (makes 4 servings) 

2 cups of organic Kale

1 cup of organic celery

2 cups of organic carrots ( orange, yellow, purple)

1-2 cups of organic cabbage

1 scoop of bone broth protein powder – I use Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Powder Turmeric

OR  you can substitute the bone broth powder for

4 cups of organic chicken bone broth)

1 tablespoon organic ground Turmeric spice

Place all ingredients in medium sauce pan, bring to boil, then simmer on medium heat for 15-20 minutes.

Print Veggie Power Soup recipe below:

Side Note: (I’m not a Dr., but this recipe is what’s helping me, this is not professional medical advice, always seek your medical professional first).

How are some ways or recipes you use to combat stomach inflammation?  I’d love to know what you do!





Healthy Kid’s Lunch: Turkey Garden Pita


Eating healthier is our goal at the Little Pink Casa lately.  We’re on a new health journey of eating gluten-free.  Although it’s a challenge for Hadara to go cold turkey with giving up gluten, we’re slowing weaning her off.  Hadara’s been such a good sport and support for me through my sudden health challenges that’s she’s excited to try new things.  Hadara is having fun experimenting with food in the kitchen and helping me create healthy alternatives for kids.  Today, we created a quick and healthy turkey garden pita which we think your kids will love!

RECIPE: What you will need to make this recipe is roasted turkey, provolone cheese, organic baby spinach, organic grape tomatoes, dill and non-gmo pita bread.  We cut the pita and cheese into triangles and layered the pita with cheese, baby spinach, turkey and a grape tomato on top with a sprinkle of dill.  We added some strawberries on the side.

Although today’s healthy kids lunch is not gluten-free, you could leave the pita out and make it a finger food lunch or use green leaf lettuce instead of the pita.  Also, chicken or fish would also be a great substitute for roasted turkey.

The healthy benefits about this meal include:

  • no chips
  • no added sugar
  • kids are eating fruits and veggies
  • organic and non-gmo
  • no mayo

Hope your kids enjoy our turkey garden pita.  With a little creativity your kid’s lunch can be both yummy, healthy and fun!

My Honest Review of Dr. Axe’s Turmeric Bone Broth Protein Powder  (get 10% off your order!!)


Recently, with our family’s health changes, Ive been researching more on gut health.  My favorite health resourses comes from Dr. Josh Axe.  I first found him on YouTube, but now i can easily watch him Mondays and Wednesdays live on his Facebook page.  Two weeks ago, Dr. Axe taught about the importance of turmeric and its benefits for digestive issues.  I’ve been using a dash of organic turmeric in my oatmeal, morning vinegar water, and to season my chicken.  Dr. Axe also explained the benefits of using bone broth for gut healing, younger skin and overall wellness.

Some benefits of adding this ancient turmeric spice to your diet include:

  • Fights colon cancer.
  • Natural pain reliever.
  • Keeps the brain healthy.
  • Improves liver health.
  • Fights breast cancer.
  • Can destroy some leukemia cells.
  • Relieves depression and anxiety.
  • Improves common cold.
  • Treats epilepsy.

After learning this, i decided to buy my family the Tumeric Bone Broth Protein powder from Dr. Axe’s website.  The best way we like to take a scoop each day is in a smoothie.  This past weekend, we tried it for the first time in a banana smoothie and it was surprisingly yummy.

The powder blended up smooth and thick like a frosty.  No gritty taste at all.  The powder is very fine and soft.  I predicted the turmeric taste would be overpowering, but i couldn’t distinguish its flavor at all.  Hadara thought it was delicious and for a picky 11 year old to like it, speaks volumes.  Its been a total of 4 days since we started taking one scoop a day, and I can’t really feel a difference in my stomach.  Yet, I can feel an overall good feeling in me, then before.  I do notice I have more energy and feel happier.  I was also recovering from a cold virus when I began taking the powder and my cold vanished quickly compare to other times.  Ruben says he feels great and sees an improvement within his gut.  The bone broth turmeric protein powder definitely makes a great companion to use as a detox cleanse or even used alone as a daily cleanse.

Since turmeric is naturally yellow in color, adding it with bananas just made sense.  I made an easy and quick recipe that included coconut milk, frozen bananas and one scoop of Tumeric Bone Broth Protein Powder. It seems so easy to me.  My family and I can receive all the above benefits in one glass of yummy smoothie.  That makes me want to dance in my kitchen!


I really am excited about this product!  If turmeric isn’t your thing, the bone broth also comes in different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, greens and coming soon. . . apple cinnamon and banana.  Great for the kiddies!  Although it was a stretch to buy this because it is $48.95, I definitely will say it’s worth it.  It’s the only one I know that is organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan, food allergy sensitive and kosher.  Also, when you sign up for Dr. Axe store mailing list, you can receive 10% off your first order.  He always gives deals on re-orders and an extra 5% when you buy in bulk.

Would you like more information?  Visit for your special offer.

Have you ever tried bone broth protein powder before?  If so I’d love to hear your thoughts or experience about it.


How to Buy Healthy Food on a Budget!

Two weeks ago, I changed my eating habits.  That means . . .  my family’s eating habits also changed along with me.  They don’t mind though.  🙂  There are a number of reasons why I changed my eating habits so abruptly, but Ill get into that on another post.  

Today, I’d like to share with you some tips for finding healthy food on a budget.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.  In the past two weeks, I challenged myself with the help of prayer and research to find ways to make our new health journey work with a limited income.   Here are some of the tips I share in this video that you can use right now to start eating healthy on a budget too.  

1.  Check grocery store clearance racks or baskets.  Grocery stores mark down many health foods  that are gluten-free, organic and non-gmo for a quick sale.  Usually they are not even close to expiring and you’ll find good products for cheap!  

2.  Shop stores you wouldn’t normally look for health food.  Big Lots is a great example to find marked down healthy food.  Organic and non gmo chips, organic dried goods and even organic salsa are numerous at this store.  

3.  Check the weekly ads for healthy food markets like Sprouts, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  Plan your meals according to what is on sale and what is in season.  

4.  Buy grass fed meats and dairy through wholesale organic websites like Zaycon.  I just bought 40 pounds of natural organic chicken for 1.69 a pound through Zaycon.  I’ll be picking up my order this Friday so I’ll tell you how that goes.  

5.   Don’t discredit your local grocery stores for inexpensive healthy food.  I found organic/non-gmo milk, ground turkey and brown organic veg fed eggs at Kroger (Fry’s).  The prices were better than the farmer’s market.  

The last tip and best tip of all. . . 

Pray and ask the Lord to show you where to go.  Before I begin to make my list for the week, I pray.  Let’s face it.  God knows it already.  He knows what I need before I ask Him.  Why not make it easier on yourself.  He’ll guide you, just ask.  

My healthy food haul was the first of many to come.  I hope this encourages you and helps you to take the healthy eating challenge for your family.  I will be making videos and blogging more about the meal plans and recipes I make for my family with all this healthy food in the near future.  So be sure to subscribe to the blog below for more healthy food tips on a budget!  

Do you have any healthy food shopping tips on a budget to share?  Tell us in the comments.