Target Dollar Spot Christmas Haul

Recently I took several trips to Target and found some great Christmas finds at the Dollar Spot.  I found everything from gift wrap to Christmas decor and all on budget.  In today’s video, I show you everything I got and how I’m going to use it!  Plus, I got 5% off my total when I used my Target REDCard at checkout!   You’ll also love the white mini Christmas tree I found for under $5.

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How I Saved Money! My Hubby’s Birthday and Father’s Day Haul from Bealls Outlet

Last week, I shared on Facebook that Bealls Outlet was having 70% off clearance for men’s clothing.  It’s been a few years since Ruben has gone shopping for himself or bought new clothes for that matter.  He deserved some new clothes.   His birthday and Father’s day was coming up, so this was the perfect time to shop for him on a budget.  I took $100 we saved from our budget and went on a deal hunt!
Seriously, you won’t believe what I found at Bealls Outlet!  Here are some of the deals:  
Michael Kors business shirt for $6.60.  
Calvin Klein business shirt for $7.50 
Oxford business shirt for $4.50 
The best deal of the haul was finding these Steve Madden casual shoes for only $2.00!  Crazy right?  

I added up all the retail prices and this haul should have been over $400!  Not for this money saving mama!  I stayed within my $100 budget with the extra 15% discount I received for being a Bealls Outlet loyalty shopper (It’s free to sign up at store).  Every Friday at our local store, you receive 15% off your total purchase.  I love this store, because it has deals for the whole family and home decor.  My best kept secret to finding beautiful things for less.  Okay, secret’s out . . . now you know.  Ahem, (cough) you can thank me later.  I saved so much money, I was able to pick me a few things too.  Double score. 

I’m so happy because Hadara and I were able to bless Ruben with a new summer wardrobe for work and play.  There’s more to see, so be sure to watch today’s haul video!  Seeing is believing.  (P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored post or video.  I’m just sharing money saving deals with you!) 

Blessings and Shalom, 

How to Buy Healthy Food on a Budget!

Two weeks ago, I changed my eating habits.  That means . . .  my family’s eating habits also changed along with me.  They don’t mind though.  🙂  There are a number of reasons why I changed my eating habits so abruptly, but Ill get into that on another post.  

Today, I’d like to share with you some tips for finding healthy food on a budget.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.  In the past two weeks, I challenged myself with the help of prayer and research to find ways to make our new health journey work with a limited income.   Here are some of the tips I share in this video that you can use right now to start eating healthy on a budget too.  

1.  Check grocery store clearance racks or baskets.  Grocery stores mark down many health foods  that are gluten-free, organic and non-gmo for a quick sale.  Usually they are not even close to expiring and you’ll find good products for cheap!  

2.  Shop stores you wouldn’t normally look for health food.  Big Lots is a great example to find marked down healthy food.  Organic and non gmo chips, organic dried goods and even organic salsa are numerous at this store.  

3.  Check the weekly ads for healthy food markets like Sprouts, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  Plan your meals according to what is on sale and what is in season.  

4.  Buy grass fed meats and dairy through wholesale organic websites like Zaycon.  I just bought 40 pounds of natural organic chicken for 1.69 a pound through Zaycon.  I’ll be picking up my order this Friday so I’ll tell you how that goes.  

5.   Don’t discredit your local grocery stores for inexpensive healthy food.  I found organic/non-gmo milk, ground turkey and brown organic veg fed eggs at Kroger (Fry’s).  The prices were better than the farmer’s market.  

The last tip and best tip of all. . . 

Pray and ask the Lord to show you where to go.  Before I begin to make my list for the week, I pray.  Let’s face it.  God knows it already.  He knows what I need before I ask Him.  Why not make it easier on yourself.  He’ll guide you, just ask.  

My healthy food haul was the first of many to come.  I hope this encourages you and helps you to take the healthy eating challenge for your family.  I will be making videos and blogging more about the meal plans and recipes I make for my family with all this healthy food in the near future.  So be sure to subscribe to the blog below for more healthy food tips on a budget!  

Do you have any healthy food shopping tips on a budget to share?  Tell us in the comments.  

My Mother’s Day Weekend and What I Got for Mother’s Day Video

My Mother’s day celebration started a day early.  Saturday, my Mom and I along with our daughters, Hadara and my niece Harmony set sail on a fun girl’s afternoon out!  The day consisted of shopping and dinner at Paradise Bakery.  The girls had a ball shopping with us and many laughs were shared.  My Mom and I make it a priority to have a girl’s day out at least once a year.  The special memories that are made are priceless.  The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and love. 
On Sunday, Hadara and Ruben surprised me with a breakfast in bed pampering, gifts, roses and a day of not doing anything.  No chores, no work, no cooking!  Oh I love them so much.  How did they know I needed a day like that?  Later that day, they treated me to one of my favorite places, Cracker Barrel.  Yummy.  I think the best part about Cracker Barrel besides the home cooked food, is the general store treasures.  I found some precious finds that stood out to me.  I think the Lord was speaking to me through these wonderful trinkets.  They were too good, not to share!  (Especially, the Pray a Latte cup!) 🙂 

After dinner, I snuggled up on the sofa in my p.j.’s and pulled out the funniest movie to watch on Mother’s Day, Moms Night Out.  It’s hard to believe the movie is already a year old.   Didn’t I just go see that movie with my Mom?  Time flies by fast.  

And that was my fun Mother’s day weekend.  Want to know all the juicy details?  Watch my video today where I share what I got for Mother’s day.  How was your Mother’s Day?  How did you celebrate?  

Make it the best day ever! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

It’s Time for a Fall Haul Y’all!

So how are you enjoying Autumn?  November is already here!  Crazy right?

Recently, my daughter Hadara and I had so much fun creating a new video where we share the things we’ve been enjoying this Fall.  We call it our Fall Haul Y’all! We also share tips on how you can save money when buying apparel, shoes and toys for your children.  Be budget wise Moms! 

Click here to watch the video:

  By the way, we’re still working on our family Fall bucket list.  We are a little behind.  Now, that cooler weather has finally come to the desert, we will be spending more time outside.  I actually opened my windows yesterday and let the cool breezes fill my home.  I look forward to that each year.  

We did check off eating pumpkin pie from the bucket list.  Our family loves everything pumpkin during Fall, especially pie!  We are intentionally working on being thankful every day.   It seems that we can quickly forget to be thankful to the Lord.   He is so faithful!   Thank you Lord, for You are worthy to be praised!  

Hopefully, we’ll get to the pumpkin patch farm soon.  Ruben and I haven’t taken Hadara to one since she was a toddler.  It’s been way too long!  

How has your family been enjoying Autumn? 

Got any of these bucket items checked off?  

How are some ways you save money when shopping for your children?  

Blessings and Shalom,

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