Fashion Friday {A Peppermint Twist Christmas Date}

Every year for Christmas, Ruben and I plan a special date.  We started this Christmas tradition the first year we began dating.  It’s sort of sentimental for us.  Some years are simple, and some are more extravagant.  Some years we exchange gifts and other years we just enjoy each other’s company.   The importance about this tradition isn’t what we do together or how much money we spend, it’s about being together.  

This year, Ruben’s company hosted a Peppermint Twist party for all the employees at a beautiful hotel.  We decided to take this opportunity to use this event as our special Christmas date besides it fell on 12/13/14.  Too cool!  I made a fun vlog video about our evening.  You can watch it here or scroll down below.  

It’s been a while since I attended a banquet so I had so much fun getting all glamorous.  Can you see how excited I am on our way to the event?   Usually Ruben attends my Mary Kay gala events with me, but this time I got to be his guest.  The theme for the party was peppermint and the colors were red, white and black.  Ruben looked dashing in his favorite charcoal grey suit.  He also wore a white tuxedo shirt and a red silk tie he found at Ross (which totally matches my dress).  I wore a chiffon red dress which is one of my favorite oldie but goodies closet staples.   My feet sparkled in my silver princess heels.  Every woman should have some of those. . . shoes that make you feel like a Princess!   Next, I had fun with my makeup.  Who can resist red lipstick when you’re dressing up for a Christmas party?   You can’t tell in this photo but you can see it more in the video.  My makeup holiday look will be coming up in a tutorial this weekend.  

Overall, we had a blast!  After dinner,  we devoured a yummy white chocolate dessert.  The presentation was so pretty.  

The night was young, and we were off on the dance floor.    Ruben and I held each other close as we danced the night away.   I think that is my favorite and most romantic memory of the evening.  I could have danced all night (in Audrey Hepburn singing voice).  We so needed this evening together!  

Sometimes, we just need to get away and spend a wonderful evening with our spouse.  No kids, no interruptions, just us.  I encourage you to take some time this busy season to enjoy your spouse.  It’s important to make memories with your children, and it’s even more important to make memories with your spouse.  Even if you can’t get away,  spend a romantic evening together at home.  Put the children early to bed.  Slip into a jazzy dress,  start the music and dance the night away . . .   Merry Christmas! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

What Christmas traditions do you share with your husband? 

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Fashion Friday {cupcakes + ballerina pink + magenta}

Today is Fashion Friday . . .   where I create a Fall outfit from my closet to inspire you to get fashion creative.  This week, my daughter and I were inspired by ballet pink, cupcakes and magenta.   
Wednesday is our busy day.  We run errands, take Hadara to her piano lessons and go visit the chiropractor.   Sometimes, it seems that there’s no fun, but this Wednesday we plugged in some family fun time.  We headed to the mall to eat dinner and check out some products before the black Friday rush next week.  The mall was empty.  Didn’t surprise me.  It’s like the quiet before the storm which I won’t be a part of next Friday.  

We strolled into The Children’s Place and found some great deals, so I had to take advantage of the ability to find sizes and great selection.  I know after this weekend, the busy rush will begin and most of those good items will be gone.  We scored $50 worth of clothing and jewelry for only $23.   

Ballerina Pink and Cupcakes
I just love the new cupcake top Hadara is wearing today for Fashion Friday.  She paired it with gray leggings, a white ruffled skirt and ballet pink leg warmers she already had in her closet.  Her gold ballerina flats shimmer and sparkle.  Hadara loves to bake cupcakes, so this top fit her to a tee . . . no pun intended.  ūüôā 
Hadara created this outfit on her own.  I love it!  She knows how to be a ballerina princess for sure.  

Magenta Harmony 
For my outfit, I took a magenta flared sheath dress and added a vanilla cardigan.  Keeping my legs warm in dresses and skirts is easy with tights.  I’m wearing charcoal gray textured tights by Hanes with black slouch booties (about six year old booties).  A patent leather black belt ties all the colors together.   I have to admit I started with a grey skirt, but changed it because I felt like adding a vivid color to pop.  I just love color!  During the colder months don’t be afraid to add some color and mix it with neutrals like grays and black.  

Have you started your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping yet?

Are you shopping on black Friday or Thanksgiving?
(You know I’m not, but I do cyber monday shop in my p.j.’s.)

I hope Hadara and I inspired you to create a pretty Fall outfit from your own wardrobe.

May you have a great Friday and restful weekend!  Keep shining for the Lord and pass the love around.  Keep warm.

Blessings and Shalom,

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Fashion Friday {Crochet Chic}

Today is Fashion Friday . . .   where I create a Fall outfit from my closet to inspire you to get fashion creative.  This week, my daughter and I were inspired from crochet pieces in our wardrobe.  

Crochet clothing is so vintage and has really made a come back.  I’d love to learn how to crochet one day.   I have always loved crochet clothing from vests to sweaters.  It’s a great piece to add to your fall/winter outfit that adds texture, comfy coziness, and warmth!  

I just love this minty crochet cardigan I found at a antique shop about ten years ago.  Seriously, I think it’s from the 1950’s and I can imagine it belonging to a sock hopper paired with a poodle skirt.  I love mixing patterns with texture.  A cream/navy pattern blouse is layered underneath the cardigan.  The blouse’s scarf is an added bonus.   Mint earrings pop with color.  Neutral stone capri pants are disguised under knee high stud suede boots from Dollhouse.  I snagged the boots on Beyond the Rack during last year’s Black Friday sale.  They are so warm with their fur lining.  Totally worth it.  

Hadara wears a scallop crochet poncho she’s had since she was two years old.  Yes, it still fits her! She chose to wear it over a long sleeve white shirt paired with dark blue skinny jeans from Justice.  She couldn’t wait to bust out her black suede boots we found at Burlington Coat Factory.  A hot pink headband and girly bracelet show her personality.  She’s getting so tall.  

As you can see here in the valley of the sun, we don’t have many colorama trees to shed those pretty leaves.  We have to drive up to Northern Arizona for those beauties.  Although, we did have a a cold front move in this week, so hopefully we’ll start feeling more like Fall soon.  

Overall, our photo shoot turned out to be very eventful.  Wait til you hear about it tomorrow! It’s the photo shoot that almost killed me.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it felt.  Today’s post is late, for that reason.  You’ll have to come back tomorrow to read all about it! 

Do you have a favorite crochet piece in your wardrobe?  

Do you know how to crochet?  

Until tomorrow. 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Fashion Friday: How to Fall Refresh Your Child’s Closet on a Budget


How would you like to refresh your children’s closet without spending a cent? Whether you live on a budget or want to save money, I have some great tips for you. ¬†In today’s Fashion Friday video, I show you how I fall refresh my¬†daughter’s wardrobe in a fun and easy way. ¬†Got kids? ¬†Then, this video is for you!

Fall Fashion Friday
Let’s begin. . . ¬† just to let you know . . . ¬†all the items I’m wearing, I already had in my closet. ¬†

Today’s fall outfit of the day is inspired by the American country side. ¬†It’s a little bit of daisies, classic denim and pin stripes. ¬†Brown riding boots kick up some dirt. ¬†A vanilla cardigan wraps up this casual chic look. ¬†


Hadara’s outfit is pink bling country! ¬†A hot pink sequin top with the words LOVE totally expresses her personality. ¬†Her matching hot pink leggings and silver ballerina flats are so fun.




What are some ways you refresh your children’s closet on a budget? ¬†
Are you inspired to put together an American Country fall outfit?  

May you have a lovely restful weekend, from all of us at the Little Pink Casa.  

Blessings and Shalom, 


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Fall Fashion Challenge {Pretty in Plum} Inspired by Lark Rise To Candleford

It’s time to create new Fall outfits from your own closet!    Fall fashion can be fun when you bring out the old and update it without spending a cent.  So, where do you get your creativity when today’s fashion magazines aren’t really your cup of tea?  

When I transition my wardrobe from season to season, I am inspired by themes.  I like to get my fashion inspiration from mixing vintage style and colors with the clothes in my own closet.  For example, I’ll take a trendy color and create a classy outfit with a touch of vintage accessories.  You can say, I like to have a style all my own, yet classy.  

Lately, I’ve become a fan of the BBC television show, Lark Rise To Candleford.   Ever heard of it?  I’m a big fan of the victorian period, so when I saw this show flipping through channels one night, it caught my attention.  I may be a newbie to following this show, since the last season aired a while ago.  Usually, that’s how it goes when I find a series I enjoy.   sigh. 

Lark Rise To Candleford is full of victorian period lovelies.  What I find so beautiful is how the cinematography displays warm autumn colors.  Every episode is filled with scenic backgrounds and costumes of chestnut, pumpkin, sage, navy, plum and lots of jewel tones.  Every episode has autumn showcased all over it!   That’s when I realized I was inspired by the character’s costumes for my own fall fashion challenge.  

Today’s fall fashion look challenge is inspired by the character, Dorcus Lane.  Her beautiful plum dress and the pumpkin surroundings of earth tones gave me an idea to mix the two colors for a unique outfit.  Plum, Violet, and basically all forms of purple are very trendy for this Fall in makeup and for fashion 2014.  It’s a regal color fit for a Princess and when worn it expresses noble qualities of royalty and faithfulness.  

Let’s begin. . .   just to let you know . . .  all the items I’m wearing, I already had in my closet.  

A caramel tweed sheath makes a come back from my closet as it is paired with a plum cropped cardigan.  I’ve had this dress for almost ten years, yet it looks new with a Fall refresh! The cropped cardigan was my mothers and she handed it down to me a couple years ago. 

Makeup colors are enhanced with a violet eye look and a subtle pink lip.  To watch my entire Violet Eye Look tutorial click here.  

It’s all about the details:   scarf, jewelry, shoes.  
A old caramel scarf tied in a french knot.  Parisian influence.  

A crushed velvet flower brooch adds texture and a vintage touch.  

Round citrine earrings add grace and a pop of color.  

Silver Tiffany bracelet my husband gave me for sentimental, modern bling. 

I love wearing opaque tights during Fall with skirts and dresses.  I keep different colors stocked up just for the cold months.  Match them to your skirt or dress for a slimming long leg.  

During this time of the year, it’s too warm, and not cold enough in Arizona to wear boots.  However I’m looking forward to wearing them soon.  For this Fall outfit, I chose to wear pink blush heels that compliment the cool plum color and pink lipstick. 

There you have it!  Pretty in Plum.  I think this makes a great classy outfit for the office or for a date night with the hubby.
I hope this inspired you to dive into your closet and create a beautiful new Fall outfit with hues of plum.  

One more thing . . . I must thank my precious daughter Hadara for taking these wonderful photographs.  I think she rocked it!  (She’s only nine years old).  We definitely work great as a team. ūüôā 

What do you think about wearing plum, caramel and pink?

Are you a fan of Larkrise to Candleford too?

If this post inspired you to create your own Pretty in Plum outfit, please share a photo of your new outfit.    I’d love to see your creative ideas too!  Share or Tag me on Facebook or Instagram.  Thank you for sharing this on Pinterest! 

Beauty starts in the heart, so shine for Jesus!  

Blessings and Shalom,

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