Homeschool Day at the Pumpkin Patch

It may be warm here in Arizona, but we are in full swing of ushering in the fall season.  Even if that means going to the pumpkin patch farm in 90 degree weather.  Recently, Hadara and I took a homeschool day out as we traveled to our city’s local pumpkin patch farm.  Every year, we want to go, but then life gets in the way and before I know it, October is over and so are the pumpkin patch festivities.  The last time Ruben and I took Hadara to the pumpkin patch farm, she was two years old.  I felt so bad, because we’ve missed it every year since then, so this time, I became intentional.  I planned it and wrote in in stone on our homeschool calendar in September and declared that rain or shine, we would be there!

Although, we missed daddy (Ruben) because he couldn’t be with us, we kind of made it a mother daughter homeschool day out!  Why not?

Wow! Hadara looks so grown up, but she’s still my little pumpkin!

The tractor ride was bumpy and hilarious!  Here I was trying to hold my iPhone and my digital camera while I filmed, snap chatted and took pics all at one time.  Hadara and I laughed the whole ride!

One more thing to check off our fall bucket list.  We had a blast!

First time going through a corn maze and we kind of got lost.  Hadara led the way in and helped us find our way out.  Good girl!

Then we went pumpkin picking!

Hadara and I looked for the best pumpkin for our next homeschool recipe day.  We’ll be baking our 1st pumkin pie real soon!

Then, we rested.  We found a nice grassy area in the field under some shady trees and just layed back, taking it all in.  Enjoying this new season of fall together, making homeschool memories and loving life!

How do you and your children enjoy the fall season?  If love to hear what you do in your part of the world.

Free Fall Bucket List Printable


It’s fun to make a list of things to do when October begins.  My family loves everything that Fall weather brings. The events, sights, smells and tastes. A time of harvest, nature, and getting outside on cool nights.

That’s why I created a Fall bucket list that’s fun for the whole family.  The kids will have fun checking off each thing they do.  It’s perfect for little ones who can’t read yet, because they can follow along with the cute graphics.  Hope your family has fun using this checklist!

Download your Free Fall Bucket List here.

What are some things you’d like to do with your family this fall?

It’s Time for a Fall Haul Y’all!

So how are you enjoying Autumn?  November is already here!  Crazy right?

Recently, my daughter Hadara and I had so much fun creating a new video where we share the things we’ve been enjoying this Fall.  We call it our Fall Haul Y’all! We also share tips on how you can save money when buying apparel, shoes and toys for your children.  Be budget wise Moms! 

Click here to watch the video:

  By the way, we’re still working on our family Fall bucket list.  We are a little behind.  Now, that cooler weather has finally come to the desert, we will be spending more time outside.  I actually opened my windows yesterday and let the cool breezes fill my home.  I look forward to that each year.  

We did check off eating pumpkin pie from the bucket list.  Our family loves everything pumpkin during Fall, especially pie!  We are intentionally working on being thankful every day.   It seems that we can quickly forget to be thankful to the Lord.   He is so faithful!   Thank you Lord, for You are worthy to be praised!  

Hopefully, we’ll get to the pumpkin patch farm soon.  Ruben and I haven’t taken Hadara to one since she was a toddler.  It’s been way too long!  

How has your family been enjoying Autumn? 

Got any of these bucket items checked off?  

How are some ways you save money when shopping for your children?  

Blessings and Shalom,

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