If You Fall {An Encouraging Word for the Autumn Season}

These past two weeks have been crazy for me.  I can’t believe that October is half way over.  My family took a Fall break from homeschool last week.  Sometimes a little break is needed.  Then, this week, my Father had shoulder surgery and thank the Lord, he is doing well.  Praise God!  Thank you for your continued prayers for his quick recovery.   I feel great to be back.  I missed connecting with you all.  

Well, it’s officially Fall now!  And soon it will be November.   

As this beautiful autumn season progresses, I ponder this simple question: 

Are we falling in love more with our Lord Jesus? 


Are we falling away? 

Our time and attention can easily be taken away by the things of this world.  We need to daily take time for a self-evaluation.  A heart check.  
Have you fallen lately or feel defeated in some way? 

As a mom, you can beat yourself up.  As a wife, you can feel like you don’t measure up.  Ever been there before?   We all fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3: 23 tells us, but there is a way!  Oh yes, there is a way my friend.   Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one can come to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).  For He is the only ONE who can raise you up and raise you up again.  

Jesus, our first love has never left us.  Yet, Have we forsaken him? 

The good news is that even if you fall, you can get back up again.  His loving arms are always extended toward you, waiting for you to take his hand.   No matter how far you’ve run from Him, you can come back.   He says, “Lean on my everlasting arms”.  Every fault, or failure; trial or trouble, nothing is too big to keep us from the love of God.  

As I watch every leaf that falls from the tree and lands on the crisp dewy ground, I will remember to clutch ever so tightly to my Lord and hold on.  Falling in love with Him more every moment of every day.  

May this be an encouraging reminder for you during this autumn season . . . 

If you FALL 

Jesus will help you up again.
He Never LEAVES you 
or forsakes you
He Loves you with an 
Everlasting Love. 

Blessings and Shalom

  P.S.  How is your life in October going?  Are the leaves showing their colorama where you live?  

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He Shall Hear Your Voice

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My voice you shall hear in the morning, O LORD; 

in the morning I will direct it to you, 
and I will look up. Psalm 5:3
Twenty years ago, I walked into a Christian bookstore and first gazed upon this beautiful painting above.  I’ll never forget.  

My husband and I were dating at the time and I was a new believer in Jesus.  As a couple, we loved our dates at the christian bookstore.   We’d spend hours listening to new music, picking out new tracks to sing, and getting lost in every part of the store.  That day, in particular I wanted to check out the wall decor. That’s when I first viewed this painting . . . it captured me.  It inspired me.  It gave me hope as a new Woman of God. 

As a young believer, I was just learning about prayer and how to talk to God.  I may not have known how to pray like the church folks did, but I sure knew that I loved Jesus! 

This painting reminded me of myself at the time. 

Young,  full of love and devotion for my King-desperate. 

Sadly, that day, we didn’t buy the painting.  It was pretty much out of our price range, but I never forgot about it.  No, I never did. 

And neither did God

This past weekend, when I wasn’t even trying.  I came across this painting on a google search.  Did you know I was searching for this painting periodically for about 20 years!   I never knew who the artist was or the name of the painting until this past Saturday

It’s called, “He Shall Hear My Voice” by artist Michael Dudash. 

The Lord is constantly reminding us, that He sees us.  He loves us.  He hears our voice.  

I want to encourage you Mamas. . . He hears your voice.  

He hears your voice when you are praying for your beautiful children. 

Prayer means talking over with Jesus 
everything that happens from the morning til night. 
For the past 3 weeks, my husband and I have been praying for our little girl’s healing from a neck injury.  Sunday evening was really rough for her since her pain grows more intense at night.  Once she finally fell asleep after a long night of praying and intercession, my husband and I came back to our bedroom where I just fell on the bed and wept. 

It’s so hard to see our children hurting.  

It’s so hard when we can’t do anything for them.  

It feels like a helpless situation in the natural. 

BUT, in the supernatural realm, we are not helpless.  
For, God is our help in time of trouble. 
That night, I continued to pray and cry out to God.  Seeking the Lord. 

Then, I remembered that beautiful painting. 

At that moment, I knew that He was listening . . . Jesus you hear my voice.

The voice of a worried, desperate Mama. 

The voice of a broken heart. 

The voice of His beloved bride. 

Yes, he hears our voice when we call out to Him morning or night. 

I sought refuge and I found it in Him. 

For He is my Almighty God full of power and might. 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
         And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
                                                             Proverbs 3: 5-6 

I want to encourage you Mamas, with this message today. 

No matter what you are going through with your children.  Keep praying! 

Trials bring you to your knees in prayer.  

Lift up your voice to Him.  

Cry out and call unto Jesus. 

He hears your voice! 

Blessings and Shalom

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A Blessing For the Wife


DAY 5:  “A BLESSING FOR the wife”.  


{Days 1 thru 5}  

Day 5:  Blessing For The Wife 

Welcome back to my 5 Days of Blessings For The Family Series!  Today is Day 5 and it’s all about the Wife.  Yes, it’s our turn ladies!  We are the one who God entrusts to build our home.  We are building our lovely home upon the rock of Christ.  That includes our marriage.   First, we are a wife to our husband, then a mother to our children.  Sometimes we can get that all out of order.   With so much going on, our conflicting schedules or just kids running around the house . . . you get the picture.
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Fiddler On The Roof, 1971
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By the way, I found this sweet pic from my favorite musical, “Fiddler on the Roof“.  During this scene, the family has just watched their Mother light the candles to usher in the Sabbath or Shabbat.  Soon, the song of the Blessing will be sung by both the wife and husband.  I love how the children look upon their Mother with love, honor and admiration.  They are looking to her for direction, guidance and wisdom.  They are ready to receive their blessing, yet they in turn bless her, their Mom. 

Now, notice how the husband looks upon his wife in this scene.  He stands across from her.  You can see the honor he has for her in his eyes.  Most of all, you can see his love for her.  Clearly, the week has gone by and maybe he hadn’t noticed her.  Until this moment, he is reminded of how beautiful she is to him.  He sees her for the lovely wife he has come to deeply love.  Through good times and bad.  God has blessed him with a virtuous wife.  

Isn’t it wonderful when our husbands love us deeply?  It may seem that a husband can go through their busy days and weeks only to forget to look deeply into the eyes of their wife.  Marriage is hard work.  It takes sacrifice, perseverance, forgiveness and love.  It is a blessing for the husband to pray and bless his wife. Most importantly it is a gift of love. The Bible is clear: 

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.  In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.  Ephesians 5:25-28

So today the blessing for the wife is adapted from Proverbs 31:10-31 and also from John D Garrr’s book entitled, The Book of Blessings, Ancient Biblical Blessings for Every Occasion.  You can also find these and many other blessings in this book entitled, Bless You by John D. Garr. 
When your husband blesses you with these words, it will affirm his love for you and his love for Jesus.  I definitely feel my husband’s love after these beautiful words are affirmed over me.  Be blessed Daughter of the King! 




What a rare find is a capable wife!  
Your worth is far beyond that of rubies. 
As your husband I can put my confidence in you and I lack no good thing.  
You are good to me, never bad, all the days of your life. . . 
You give generously to the poor; your hands are stretched out to the needy. . . 
As your husband I am prominent in the gates, as I sit among the elders of the land. . .
You look to the future cheerfully.  
Your mouth is full of wisdom, your tongue with kindly teaching.  
You oversee the activities of your household and never eat the bread of idleness.  
Your children declare you happy. 
As your husband I praise you, “Many women have done well, but you surpass them all.
It is for your fear of the Lord that a woman is to be praised.  
I Extol you for the fruit of your hand, and let your works praise you in the gates. 
In finding you, my wife, I have found happiness, and I have won the favor of the Lord. 

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Wow!  How would you feel after your husband spoke these words over you?  

Have you started to bless your family? I am excited to hear if this Blessings Series has encouraged you.  

During this Blessings Series, I hope you have learned the importance of being blessed as a family.  Keep pressing on Moms!  

Blessings and Shalom, 


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October Journey: Working On My Fruits

Happy October!  Can you believe it’s already here?
I enjoy October for the pumpkin everything:  pies, candles, coffee!  Yup, there’s just something about waking up in the morning and opening up my windows to feel the fresh cool air.  It’s so exciting to enter a new season isn’t it?  There’s a sense of new beginnings on the horizon.  Starting over.  I just love that.  

Lately, the Lord has been preparing me for this new season.  Not just in the physical, but in the spiritual.  I have felt a sudden urgency to study Galatians 5:22-23 and work on my fruits.   I’m not perfect.  Yes I can say that.  I know that as Moms, we sometimes strive for perfection or strive to be that “perfect Mom” whoever she is?  Exactly.  She don’t exist!  And there is no such thing as “super Mom” either.  So, it’s okay to say we don’t got it all together.  God created us to be Moms for the children He has blessed us to love.  He is shaping us and molding us.  Even in those tough moments, He is perfecting us.  

I asked my daughter one day to be honest and tell me which fruit of the spirit I needed to work on and she sure nailed it!  She then asked me which fruits I thought she needed help with and she agreed.  It was a humbling moment, yet it was truth for all of us.  It’s time to be real isn’t? And it’s sad to say, that we do fall short.  Working on our fruits involves working on ourselves, our hearts.  

Examine me,  God and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts.  
Psalm 139:23

As Women of God, we need to show forth these traits in our daily lives:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, we will be recognized by our fruits.  A life completely devoted to Jesus shows forth these fruits.  I want that!  Do you?  I want my walk with the Lord to be passionate, deep and wide.  

Bearing these fruits is a constant journey.  We can’t do this on our own.  No matter what or how hard we try, we will fail.  We need help.  It’s only by the power of the Holy Spirit can we bear these fruits.  He will help us, all we need to do is ask.  

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15: 13 

I’m so excited to begin this devotional study in October.  We will be diving into this in homeschool too.  You are free to join me this month on this Fruits of the Spirit journey.  Let’s work on our fruits together to be better Moms, Wives and Daughters.  So others may see Jesus in us.  All for His honor and glory, not ours.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

Are you challenged to work on your fruits this month?  I’d love to know who is joining in.  It will be fun to interact and share.

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