Summer Favorites: 7 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

 I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite summer beauty products with you and today’s the day!  Plus, I have tips on how I use these products in my video.  Everything from repairing sun damaged hair to getting a great sunless tan.  These are some of my favorite summer beauty products I’m loving right now.  
Favorite tanning lotion-Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion.  Definitely my summer necessity. Easy application like putting on lotion, smells yummy and works fast.  
Best Heat Protectant Ever! Proclaim Glossing Polish.  Budget friendly and recommended by my Stylist! 
Current Mascara and Eyeliner love- Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara and Mary Kay Eyeliner.      Does not come off in water.  Great for the beach, pool time or crying at chick flicks.  
My favorite pink lipsticks and lipgloss ever- Mary Kay Pink Passion and Pink Satin Lip color and Mary Kay Fancy Nancy lipgloss.  I love pink lip colors.  Lipstick makes me feel happy and pretty.  How about you?  

Don’t forget to watch my Favorite Summer Products video below.   It’s my first beauty favorites video so I hope you enjoy! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Mommy Makeover Monday

Today is my mommy makeover day!  Yes, the day I bare all.  No make-up, a fresh face just for you all.   It’s been a while since Hadara and I played make-up together.  After all, she is ten years old now.  In my beauty business, I’ve given many makeovers to women in the past 14 years!  Hadara’s grown up seeing me work at home and even gone with me to some appointments.  I think she’s got a good idea of what make-up is all about.  She’s watches me put on my make-up and now that she’s ten, I figured it was time to put her to the challenge.

Hadara and I had so much fun making this video and making mommy daughter memories . The hardest part of this challenge for me was to let Hadara have full control and let her make me over with little help from me, (cough) the beauty expert here.  (cough again).  I was like putty in her hands.  I think that’s the best part actually because as a mom, I feel like I have to be in control.  Yet, sometimes my daughter has to know that I trust her judgement, opinion and if she makes a mistake while learning. . . that’s OK!  We learn and laugh together.

I think ten is a great age to start teaching our daughters about beauty, skin care and make-up.  Last year, Hadara and I attended the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour and I blogged about our amazing experience.  At that conference, they asked us Moms to be our daughters first teacher when it came to modesty, beauty and fashion.   I totally agree.  We can set a Godly example for our daughters and still have grace, joy and fun with it.   A few months later, I entered a Secret Keeper Girl Facebook contest and won a book called, 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters:  How to Talk About True Beauty, Cool Fashion and Modesty by Dannah Gresh! A total blessing!!  I totally recommend this book if you have a tween or teen daughter.  It’s filled with fun challenges and Bible studies catered to to “replace our culture’s lies with truth and make a lasting connection with your tween girl”.

I hope you enjoy watching our Mommy Makeover today.  It’s a tag video, so I challenge you to do this with your daughter too!

Blessings and Shalom,

My Mary Kay Story: Celebrating 14 Years of Pink Make-up! {Part 2}

Today is Part 2 of My Mary Kay Story.  Click here to read Part 1.  
Thank you for reading friends!  

One morning in February, I began to pray.  One of those big, ugly cry prayers.   Yah, you know what I mean.  I was desperate and seeking the Lord for our future.  “God, show me what to do”, I whispered.  Immediately, Nancy K. came to my mind.  Mary Kay could be a way to earn some extra money, I thought.  

However, at the church we were serving at, I met another consultant who also shared the Mary Kay opportunity with me.  She gave me a cassette tape to hear called Choices.   That evening, I sat in my living room and listened to the tape.  A lady talked about the Cinderella dreams you have when you are a little girl and how God has not forgotten my Cinderella dreams.  At that moment, my little girl dreams began to resurface.  The dreams of a hopeful future.  Dreams of having a family of my own one day.  Dreams of raising my own daughter.  The dreams you hope for and pray for?  I knew I needed a change in order for our lives to get better.  I remember I got so emotional and began to cry with relief.  It’s like I felt God’s peace surround me.  A peace I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  

I had made my decision.  That night, I called Nancy and left a message on her answering machine that I wanted to begin my Mary Kay business.  I did thank the consultant who gave me the “Choices” tape to listen to and she understood.  Nancy had been there since the beginning.  She saw me grow up into a young woman and I knew the Lord wanted me to begin this Mary Kay journey with her.  That week, Nancy sent me my business agreement in the mail and on Feb 5, 2001, I signed it and mailed it off to Dallas, Texas.   The company processed my beauty agreement on Feb 12 and at age 22, I became a new Mary Kay business owner.  

Me as a brand new Mary Kay beauty consultant.  

I still remember meeting with Nancy at her home a week later and she gave me my Mary Kay pin in her kitchen.  We both got very emotional.  I didn’t understand at the time, but I have realized that the journey I was beginning  was all part of God’s plan for my life.   I thought my Mom was going to be the first one to begin a Mary Kay business in our family.  Oh no, it was me!  Crazy.  

Six months later in 2001, joyfully, my mother became one of my newest team members.   She is still apart of my team today, fourteen years later.  I was her cheerleader when she needed me and now the tables turn.  She’s my biggest cheerleader and encourager in my business.  When times were tough, she reminded me not to quit.  When life was rough, she told me to keep going!   Wow . . . tears flow as I type this because it’s such a blessing to see how our lives pan out.  I mean, God completely holds our future in His BIG hands.  How could we ever doubt Him?  God can even use makeup for His glory.  After all, He is the potter and we are the clay.   It truly is about the journey of faith.  It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.  

Ruben and I knew that when we started a family, I wanted to be home with our children.  That’s exactly what I’ve been blessed with.  I’ve been able to stay home with our daughter Hadara since she was born and I have never missed any precious mommy moments.  That’s priceless.  Even now, ten years later, I have the time to home school her which is a joy and pursue my dream of writing.  

Ruben, my husband has always been a Mary Kay man, supporting me every step of the way. He’s not afraid to wear pink, but embraces it.  Ruben loves Mary Kay’s biblical values of keeping God first, family second and business third.  Did you know, he used to drive me to all my Mary Kay appointments, because I didn’t have my driver’s license?  Can you believe my self-confidence was that low, I couldn’t get my driver’s license?  You see, we all start some where and we all have our own challenges to deal with.  Yes, I’m licensed to drive now.  I got my license after Hadara was born and hope to drive Pink one day.  Another challenge was when Ruben became unemployed for a year.  I was blessed to bring income to our household and pay our bills with Mary Kay.  I’ve built my business as a new wife, pregnant, postpartum, a homeschool mom, working a job and as a minister’s wife.  I’ve worked my business from an apartment,  a big house, a little house and out of a suitcase.  

I am truly grateful to Mary Kay Ash and Nancy K. for offering me an opportunity like this!    14 years is a lot of years of enriching women’s lives, lots of makeovers and lots of girlfriends throughout the years.  And there’s so much more to do!  I am so grateful.  For so many lives have been changed including my own.  Mary Kay has shown me how to get back up after trials and failures. . . to be humble in all honor and recognition. . . to a be a Woman after God’s own heart and to dream in Pink!!  

Little girl dreams do come true.  With God All things are possible!  

-I hope my makeup story was encouraging to you.  If you take away one thing from my story, I pray it’s this:  No matter what you go through in life, Never Quit . . . don’t give up on your God-given dreams.  God hasn’t given up on you. 

Blessings and Shalom, 

If you would like more information about the Mary Kay business opportunity please visit my Mary Kay website here.  

This post was not sponsored by Mary Kay Inc. and I did not receive payment for this post.  This is my personal Mary Kay story and I wrote it to encourage women and give God all the glory!  

My Mary Kay Story: Celebrating 14 Years of Pink Make-up!

It’s throwback Thursday and we’re going way back to the start of my pink beginnings.  Today’s post is unusually long, so I decided to divide into two parts.   What I intended to share with you is not at all what I ended up writing.   Instead, I share my heart.  Maybe Valentine’s day inspired me, who knows?  I guarantee if you read it all the way to the end, you’ll learn a little about me and hopefully it will encourage you.   Thank you for reading friends.  🙂  

The two things I loved to play when I was little was school and make-up.  I think I was three years old when I first encountered make-up.  It all began in our tiny red carpeted bathroom, watching my Mommy put on her mascara and lipstick.  I loved watching her.  She was so precise when drawing on her eyebrows and applying her false eye lashes.  Ha ha, that’s another story.    I remember just thinking to myself, “she’s so beautiful!”.   I want to look like her when I grow up.  

My Mom’s beauty announcement in the daily newspaper.  

As a young cosmetologist graduate of 1967, my Mom Josie definitely wasn’t a beauty school drop out.  I grew up watching my Mom style women’s hair in our kitchen many Saturday mornings.  From bee hives to Farrah Fawcett cuts to 80’s perms, my Mom rocked her generation’s hair styles.  

When I was eight, my Mom got invited to a skincare party.  It was, let’s just say, brand x.  They asked her to attend their business meeting, and I got to attend with her.  I heard them talk about prizes and money.  Wow!  Pretty exciting for a little girl who was growing up in a tiny old 900 sq. foot home and her favorite show at the time was Hart to Hart. (totally 80’s show, I know).  I was sold on the opportunity at eight years old and I encouraged my Mom to sign up.  She really didn’t want to, but I so wanted her to do it.  So she did.   

Since I was the only child living at home at the time, I was very close with my Mom.  I had the privelidge of attending her make-up parties with her and was her little assistant.  I still remember setting all her mirrors up and placemats.  I watched my Mom skillfully conduct her presentation and was so proud of her every time    But, those 80’s make-up parties got a little carried away with laughing women and margaritas.  Overall, the party sales were not too impressive.  My Mom, bless her heart, got frustrated with the whole idea and quit.  Mostly, she quit because she got pregnant with my little brother Josh.  Either way, I was extremely sad.  On the bright side, I had lots of make-up to play with and memories of make-up business that would pave the way for my future.    

I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up until I was thirteen years old.  That included:  pressed powder and lip color.  No eyeliner, mascara or foundation.  I had to wait until I turned 15 to wear those products.  Once, I started wearing make-up, I became obsessed.  I was a teenage make-up snob.  I only used certain brands and spent lots of time shopping at drug stores for my cosmetics.  My make-up drawer consisted of everything under the sun.  I enjoyed wearing make-up and experimenting with the latest trends and checking the latest fashion magazines for beauty tips.   It was the early 90’s and my goal was to become a super model when I grew up.  Big dreams for a make-up queen.  So when I walked into the kitchen one morning and saw my Mom having her first skin care facial with MaryKay, it caught my attention.  

That’s the day I met Nancy K.  Nancy had just moved to Arizona from Wisconsin with her husband and children to begin a health food store.  Mostly to get away from the rigid snow.  Nancy was a new Mary Kay director and she had recently earned her 1st Mary Kay car.  I was amazed.  She brought all the make-up and samples, oh lots of samples, (I was the sample queen) to my home and pampered my Mom and I with facials.   We make-up shopped from our seats.  Make-up to try before you buy- yes please!  A teen girl’s dream come true! 

That year, I had my first official Mary Kay makeover when I was 15 years old.  I gave in.  My mom and I attended a “Mother Daughter” glamour guest event.  Our consultant Nancy shared the business opportunity with my Mom that evening, but my mom decided it wasn’t for her at that time.  All the memories of my childhood when my Mom sold brand x came flooding in my mind.  This time, I didn’t push my Mom.  But I did fall in love with the cream foundation and my mom loved her classic basic skin care for dry skin.  We were happy customers.  

Soon I graduated highschool and started college where I met Ruben.  We fell in love, got engaged and started to plan our wedding.  By this time, I loved MK and couldn’t think of any other make-up to wear at my wedding.  Nancy had also become a good friend to my family at this point.   She helped me create my wedding day look and made everything perfect for me.  I did my own make-up on my wedding day because Nancy had to attend a MK conference.  However, Nancy and her husband took a flight back as soon as the conference was over and made it to my wedding just in time for the ceremony.  Isn’t that so sweet? 

Soon after we married, Ruben and I graduated college and I was ready for something new and different, but I didn’t know what it was.   Instead of becoming teachers, God took Ruben and I down another path.  The path to ministry.   In order to make ends meet, Ruben and I settled with part-time jobs as teacher’s aids for a inner-city school system.  We didn’t have any money to spare let alone pay our bills or buy a house.  Our college debt was piling up and I was tired of living the way we were living.  We were newlyweds, just surviving.  We wanted to have a child soon and I knew I didn’t want our child to grow up in the situation we were in.  Something had to give.  

-Read the rest of the story Part 2 HERE.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Four Steps to Party Perfect Makeup!

Do you need a holiday makeup look?  On Fashion Friday I shared about the Peppermint Twist Christmas party I attended with my husband Ruben.  Today I share with you the makeup look I wore that night in four easy steps.  It’s time to get glam for the holidays! 

Four Steps to Party Perfection starts here: 

Apply Mary Kay Silver Satin mineral eye color over eyelids.  Line with Mary Kay Eyeliner in Black and smudge.  Tap Brillint Black mineral eye color from lash lines to creases and along outer lower lash lines.  Add Crystalline to inner third or eyelids and along brow bones as highlights.  Blend well. 

Use Mary Kay Lash Primer for added volume followed by my favorite mascara, Mary Kay Lash Love.  

Sweep Sunny Spice mineral cheek color from the apples of the cheeks to the temples.  Blend well. 


Complete your party look with Red lipstick and Rock ‘n’ red lipgloss.  

Another tip for all night makeup staying power is to apply the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia.  I recommend this product because it kept my makeup looking fresh and perfect all night long.  

I hope this showed you how easy it is to pull together a glamorous holiday makeup look.    You’ll be shining at all your Christmas parties and family get togethers!  I’d love to see how your makeup looks turn out.   Please share with me on social media.  Merry Christmas!  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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For another Holiday Glam Makeup Look click here.  

Fall Makeup Trend: Violet Eye Look Review

Are you ready for a Fall makeup update?  

Fall is a great time to update your makeup colors and skincare.  Today, I share with you in my very first makeup video how to achieve the trending violet eye look.  It’s quick, fun, and great for busy women of all ages!   Plus it’s just what you need to add a little inspiration to your Fall makeup routine.  

I’d love to know what you think?  Please comment and let me know what you liked or didn’t and what other makeup videos you’d like me to do for you.  
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I hope this video will inspire you to get out of your makeup rut and get Pretty in Purple!   You are beautiful in God’s eyes.  
Click here to watch the video:

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Trending Summer Beauty Tip: Perfect Pout

Summer is my favorite time to be creative and bold with make-up.

So what’s fun to wear and totally speaks of summer? 

Bright Red Lips and Oversized sunglasses! Can you say vintage glam? 

This past weekend I had fun rockin this look at Hadara’s swim lessons.
I love to change it up a bit.  Who says you can’t wear red anytime and anywhere? 

I say wear RED just because! 

Here I am wearing Rockin Red lipgloss by Mary Kay

Did you know?  
The color RED evokes passion, confidence and drama. 

RED also means redemption, atonement and grace. 

Don’t let RED scare you! It is a classic. 


BEAUTY TIP: Keep eye color neutral with minimum coverage when wearing RED.  Do wear mascara.  Eyeliner can be optional or a cat eye wing tip always does the trick. 

Red can be feminine and classy. 
First Day of Spring

Here’s a video tutorial on how to get the perfect red lip this summer! 

Will you join me this coming week and participate in the Little Pink Casa Red Lipstick Challenge

Pick a day to wear your RED Lips. 

Take a selfie and post it on my Little Pink Casa Facebook wall. 
hashtag:  #redlipchallenge 

It’s a great time to wear red, just in time for 4th of July. 


Wear it on that date night with your hubby? 

Have fun with this ladies.  
Maybe it will be your first time trying RED? 

It’s your time to be sassy.  
Maybe get out of your beauty comfort zone? 

I can’t wait to see who joins me on this challenge. 

It’s going to be mar-va-lous dar-ling. 

Blessings and Shalom

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Best Ways to Wear Pretty Pastels This Spring!

I love spring!  It’s my favorite season.  

Maybe, it’s because I got married in March?  Could it be because I gave birth to my daughter  this season?   I’m positive it’s all of the above.  I’m a little partial.   

Also, spring is the time to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection along with observing the Passover Feast with our family.  

A time of friends, and family gatherings.  Love and Life!  Fullness and Joy! 

I just love the concept of all things becoming new and full of life again after a long dormant winter.    I am reminded of this favorite Bible verse:  

My beloved spoke, and said to me: 

Rise up, my love, my fair one, 
And come away.
For lo, the winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone. 
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come,
And the voice of the turtledove
Is heard in our land. 

Song of Solomon 2:  10-12

So from that, I share my inspiration with you!  

I really love wearing pastels during springtime.  I think it’s fun to add color to my spring wardrobe and makeup.  So when I saw that pastels are in this season, I was completely overjoyed! 

I’d wear them anyways if they weren’t in style, but you know what I mean.   
Here are some ways to wear them this season.  
Spring Trend Pretty Pastels

Pinks, mints and blues! 

Click Here to Watch this video and see the Beauty & Style in motion:

Need some more ideas for a Spring Makeover? 

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What Spring looks are trending for you right now? 

Do you like pastels for Spring? 

Blessings and Shalom

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5 Favorite Must-Haves for Spring +Spring Pedi Collection Giveaway{last day to enter}

Happy March!  I’m excited for Spring.  How about you?  Depending on where you live in the world, it’s all good here in sunny Arizona.  Spring has definitely sprung.  

Since I’m in a such a springy mood, I couldn’t wait to jump into some spring beauty and fashion updates.  I am absolutely loving these lovelies for Spring right now. 

Ready?  Here’s my Five Beauty Must-haves for Spring countdown. 

5.  Timewise Even Complexion Mask by Mary Kay 

This winter, my skin has become so dull.  It seems that I have to take care of my skin more in winter to make sure my skin looks radiant and glowing.  When my skin needs a luster pick me up, I reach for this mask.  When I wash it off, my face feels amazing and so silky.  It also helps reduce uneven skin tone or dark spots.  

Don’t I look pretty? Yes, my lips are naturally red like that.  

4.  Pink Cherie True Dimensions Lipstick by Mary Kay 

If you like pink lip colors, this one is perfect.  I totally like how this formula keeps my lips soft and hydrated all day.  This color is my staple pink color and reminds me of pink roses in a Paris garden.  When in doubt, pink cherie! ooh la la. 

3.  New Nail Colors- Pastels 

I have never bought Sally girl nail colors before.  On a trip to Sally Beauty Supply to buy my favorite hair heat protectant, I was standing in line and these colors caught my eye.  Hey, they were 99 cents, what a deal!  I’ve been needing a pretty matte pink and of course an aqua color.  Could you guess? 

I liked how this nail color goes on, but you do need two coats for it to look fabulous.   I had fun painting my nails while we played Mary Kay Monopoly one Sunday afternoon.  I love multi-tasking!  

2.  Aqua Heels
I know, this is my favorite color, but I just love these aqua sandal heels. Wearing them makes me smile and smile big.  I found these at Beyond the Rack where I also scored some cute studded suede boots for winter.  They were a gift from my hubby for Valentine’s day.  Can’t you see this with a coral top and jeans or a coral chevron dress?  

1.  Violet Vixen jelly lip gloss by Mary Kay@Play 

My top favorite spring must-have!  I am so loving this color right now.  I’ve been waiting for Mary Kay to come out with a pinkish purple color and this is it ladies!  My favorite spring beauty product right now.  I realize it looks more berry in my pic, but it is more violet, believe me.  It also leaves my lips so soft.  

Mary Kay also has this jelly lipgloss in a coral shade called Poppy Love.  Coral is big for spring 2014 too.  Since I’m more of a pink lip gal, violet vixen is my pick!


There you have it.  My five favorite beauty and fashion must-haves for spring.   I hope this post helped you to get excited about updating your make-up and closet!  

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Also, today is the last day of my Spring giveaway!  

Enter to win here: 

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Have you been shopping for new spring colors too?  

Do you have a pink lipstick obsession like me? 

What are some of your favorite beauty products for spring? 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Spring Pedi Collection Giveaway-Enter today!

It’s that time again!  
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