Our Very First Attempt at Classical Morning Time! Homeschool Vlog

This month, I discovered the Charlotte Mason homeschool approach and was smitten.  I’ve been homeschooling Hadara for seven years, yet barely now, I just found this amazing way of homeschooling.  I couldn’t wait to begin.  This week, we tried a new homeschool approach called classical morning time.  It’s one beautiful aspect of the Charlotte Mason way.  Today, I share snippets of our first two days trying it out, tea and all!

Couples Workout Routine

Today I have the honor of having my husband Ruben join me for a special couples workout in honor of Valentine’s Day!  Ruben and I had a blast filming today’s workout video!  He’s such a good sport.  He just started to workout again and I’m so proud of him for pushing through this workout.

Working together as a team is one quality that makes a strong marriage.  These exercises require the couple to work together in order to complete the workout.  It’s a fun workout you can do at home at anytime of the day or night.

Come on, grab your spouse and let’s get fit!


Free Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack

Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack is here and just in time for February. It’s a one week spelling activity pack of 5 pages which includes: winter spelling 15 words list, copy work 3 times each, sentences, abc order, pre-test and final test fill in the blanks. Great for 1st grade-6th. Use this pack as a fun alternative to your spelling curriculum, or with your winter unit study.

Hadara and I love to take a week during the month just for fun season units where we read books according to the holiday or season we are going through.  This helps break the monotony of using our regular curriculum.  You’ll love this easy to use Valentine’s Day Spelling Pack. Plus it’s free!

Download your free Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack below.

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Valentine’s Day Wall Art Printables

Recently, during one of our daily vlogs, called Hadara Learns How to Play Drums, I gave you a peak into how we were decorating for Valentine’s day.

While Hadara and I were decorating, we found that we didn’t have much to decorate with.  I decided to create some simple wall art printables to add some flair to our kitchen and living room.  I use the same frames and just change the printable out every season.

This time, I asked Hadara to help me.  I opened up Pic Monkey on the desktop and gave her a quick lesson on how to make graphics.  Before I knew it she was engaged and creating beautiful graphics.  I eagerly shared on Instagram stories how cute they look displayed on my baker’s rack and white shelf in the kitchen.

This mom was so impressed and excited because that means in the future I can put her to work for me.  What a blessing it would be for her to help me create my blog and pinterest graphics.  Hadara ended up making three wall art printables and we decided to share them with you!  Just click on the graphic and print according to your printer selections.

This wall art printable is called love and is made for a 4 x 5 but can be printed in various sizes.


This wall art printable is called you are the key to my heart and is made for a 3 x 4 but can be printed in various sizes.  


This wall art printable is called roses are red and is made for a 8 x 10 but can be also printed in smaller sizes.

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Couples Workout Routine 


My $42 Trader Joes’s Weekly Grocery Haul and 1 Week Meal Plan


1/2 gallon Almond Milk $2.99

 1/2 gallon Almond Milk Unsweetened $2.99

1 six pack Blueberry Vanilla Yogurt $2.99

1 package of Plain Bagels $2.99

1 jar of Pizza Sauce $1.99

1 jar Marinara Sauce $1.39

1 organic Frozen Pizza Crust $2.99

1 bag of White Cheddar Puffs $1.99

1 pack of Corn Tortillas $1.29

1 package Roasted Turkey  $3.29

1 package of Pitted Prunes $3.69

1 package sliced Muenster Cheese $3.99

1 olive oil Potato Chips $1.99

1 Cinnamon Raisin Bread $2.99

1 Cinnamon Squares Cereal $2.69

1 Dozen Eggs $1.29 

TOTAL $41.54

Weekly Meal Plan 


Oatmeal, Bagel

Cereal, Bagel

Yogurt and Granola

Pumpkin French Toast (link to post), Eggs, Hasbrowns


Turkey Sandwiches, Cheese Puffs

Mac and Cheese x 2

Veggie Soup,

Eat Out


Crockpot Chicken Tacos, Rice x 2

Crockpot Meatloaf, Baked Potatos

Chicken Pasta Marinara

Crockpot Chicken, Potatos, Carrots x 2

Homemade Pizza, Green Italian Salad

Eat Out  x 2

Download the 1 Week Meal Plan below:


Easy Penguin Craft DIY

Today I have a fun and easy penguin craft DIY that we made during homeschool.  We are studying penguins in January as part of our winter unit study.  Hadara loves penguins so she’s learning so much about her favorite animal.

Hadara’s also reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins this month so when I found this fun and easy craft on pinterest, I couldn’t resist making it!  We made our own pattern, because I was too lazy to get my printer to work.  However for those of you who want a quick printable, you can find a free pattern from this craft blog.  Unless you’re like me and just like to wing it!  Tracing circles to make the pattern could be a great way to learn about shapes, circumference of a circle and learning how to be creative (not perfect).

Be sure to watch the video to see how we made this cute penguin and let me know how yours turns out!

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Workout With Me! 15 Minute HIIT Workout

Are you ready to get your Monday started?  Today I have another workout video in my new Monday Workout series on my YouTube channel.  This time I do my 15 minute HIIT workout with you in real time for total body toning, cardio and strength training.

So, it’s me in my kitchen with you getting fit and healthy no matter how busy we are!  You don’t need anything special for this workout, except some weights, but that’s optional.  It’s also great to have a workout partner for inspiration, so thanks for being mine.  Oh, and don’t forget the water to keep you hydrated!

In case you’re wondering, in this video I’m wearing my favorite workout tee, that says, “LIFE IS TOUGH BUT SO ARE YOU“.  I also wore this in my video where I share with you my Word for 2017 and what this message means to me.  I do have a coupon code if you’d like to get one of your own tees like mine or others.  They have a great selection of inspirational messages.  They make great workout tees!

Comment below and let me know what you think of this workout and if you have any requests for other workout videos? OK ladies, let’s do this!!

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My $79 Grocery Shopping Haul and 2 Week Meal Plan 

Trader Joe’s 

1 Bag of White Cheddar Puffs $1.99 

2 Blueberry Vanilla Yogurt 6 pack $2.99 

2 1/2 Gallon Almond Milk $2.99

2 Organic Mac & Cheese $1.29

1 Bag Frozen Organic Corn $1.79

1 Bag Dried Pitted Prunes $3.69

1 Crunchy Cinnamon Squares Cereal $2.69

1 Nature’s Path Granola Pumpkin Flax $2.99

1 Frozen Breakfast Quiche $2.49

1 lb. Grass fed Angus Ground Beef $5.99

1 Dozen Eggs $1.29

1 pack Sliced Roasted Turkey $3.29

1 jar of Pizza Sauce $1.99

1 pack of Corn Tortillas $1.29

1 Breakfast Hash browns  $1.99

Total:  $46.02


1 lb. Organic Broccoli $.80

1 Organic Cabbage  $2.32

1 5-lb. pound Russet Potatoes $2.98 

1 Organic Green Kale $.99

1 Alfredo Seasoning Mix $1.59

1 Avocado Oil Potato Chips $2.00

1 Nature’s Path Instant Oatmeal $3.29

One Organic Ranch Dip Mix $1.29

One Organic Sloppy Joe Mix $1.49

1 Vanilla Coconut Yogurt $3.99

3 packs Chicken Breasts $3.87, $4.19, $4.29

Total:  $33.07


Weekly Meal Plan 


Oatmeal, Bagel 

Yogurt and Granola

Pumpkin French Toast, Hard Boiled egg 

Cereal, Bagel 

Pumpkin Pancakes, Hash Browns 

Beef Chorizo and Eggs 


Turkey Sandwiches, Cheese Puffs

Tuna Fish Sandwich, Chips 

Mac and Cheese x 2

Veggie Soup, Roll


Sloppy Joes, Season Potato Wedges

Crockpot Chicken Tacos, Rice x 2 

Crockpot Chilli Beans, Cornbread 

Meatball Subs, Green Salad

Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Roll 

Chicken Penne Alfredo, Broccoli 

Pasta Rosa, Garlic bread

Crockpot Chicken, Potatos, Carrots x 2

Crockpot Chicken Broccoli, baked potato x2 

Cheseburger Sliders 

Download the 2 Week Menu Plan below.  

My Word of the Year for 2017 plus Cents of Style Tee 50% off!

At the beginning of every year, I love to set goals.   It’s important for us moms to set goals to create vision and promote growth in every area of our lives.  Recently, I shared on my YouTube channel about goal setting and how I use my Life Planner to help me stay focused on my new year goals.  Something else I started to do was pick a word of the year.  It’s something I always wanted to do, but wasn’t intentional about it until this year.  I share about this more in depth in my video below.

The beginning of 2016 was amazing but the end of 2016 was tough.  I faced sudden health challenges in late 2016.  My digestion system and stomach became inflamed and in one week of going to ER, I couldn’t eat or drink anything I was used to anymore.  My life changed drastically.  At times, I felt I was going to die.  I felt alone.  I felt deep pain.  I felt like I couldn’t go on.  I felt like a new tomorrow would never come.  Then, I realized something about myself.  All those long nights screaming in pain, curled up on the floor in an embryo position, I prayed.  I prayed harder than I ever  prayed.  In desperation, I prayed three simple yet powerful words, “Jesus heal me”.

All I could do was trust that He was holding me in my unknown pain.  That night, I had something to hold onto. Although I felt like giving up, there was that part in me that was saying, “keep going!”.   I continued to pray every day and read a special book I checked out from the library during that time by Robin Jones Gunn called Victim of Grace:  When God’s Goodness Prevails.  In this book, she also encouraged women to pick a word for the year.  Excitedly, I felt compelled to do this although I felt like I didn’t know if 2017 would come fast enough for me.

Ruben and Hadara continued to pray for me during those long nights and many people around the world were praying for my healing every day.  I felt bathed in God’s love and mercy.  My faith grew stronger and I began to fight violently for my life.  I took every stupid thought and lie captive that tried to combat my mind, telling me I was going to die.  I chose not to believe it, but I stood on God’s promises.  I continued to decree that He has a plan and a purpose for my life.  Although in that season, life was tough, but I was tough too.  I fought back!

Sometimes, there’s a point in our lives, when we need to contend for what belongs to us.  Whether that’s a healing, a prodigal child, a lost dream, a broken marriage.  NO matter what, life is tough, but so are you!  And you know what?  God is even tougher.  He’s tougher than any situation or any hard season you many face!

It’s been four months since my last stomach flare-up.  I’m slowly feeling better.  I even started to workout again.  I trust I am healing and know my new tomorrow has come.  I’m not going to lie and say this process happens quickly, for it takes time to heal.   Whether it’s our broken body or our broken heart.  So, as I left 2016 behind and overcame fears, and wrong mindsets.  I enter 2017 ready to BLOOM.  Ready to flourish from the seeds that were watered and tested through the hard season of drought and winter.  I’m ready to bloom in the garden and see others bloom with me.

With this blooming, I began 2017 with launching a 2nd YouTube channel of our family vlogging our daily life.  I’m officially a vlogger now!  I also just added health as a major category to this blog and my blog YouTube channel.  Hey, I even started filming my own workout videos on my channel this month to help moms like you get fit, healthy and strong.  Talk about blooming!  Something I always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do it until now.  Yes, 2017 is the year for me to grow and be the woman God intended to me.  The real me-quirkiness and all.

Today, I celebrate by wearing my favorite inspirational word tee from Cent’s of Style.   Lately, I wear it as my workout tee and It’s also perfect with jeans and a blazer.   The best thing is Cent’s of Style has this tee in other word affirmation styles plus different colors to fit your word of the year.  The coupon code is INSPIRE17 and it will take 50% off the lowest marked price + FREE SHIPPING. The code is valid 1/20 through 1/22

Be sure to watch my video below and please let me know if you have a word of the year and what it is in the comments?  I’d love to hear your tough story.




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