Clean With Me | Power Hour Kitchen Routine

Today is my 1st video in my spring cleaning series and I’m sharing my kitchen routine in one hour, vlog style!  I love watching videos like this because it motivates me to clean my house.  So, I thought, “why not film my own cleaning routine” and inspire you too.  I also share my DIY household cleaner with you which I use for almost everything.  You can watch how I make it in the link below.  Well let’s get cleaning!

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Cook With Me Trader Joe’s and Sprouts Grocery Haul!

On my way home from Hadara’s dance class, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts for some groceries.  It was late so I decided to pick something to cook from the Trader Joe’s frozen section.  I was craving Asian food, so I chose Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice.  It wasn’t too pricey.  Both came out to $8 for a quick 5 minute dinner.

This was my very 1st time trying Trader Joe’s frozen Asian foods, so today my family gave our honest opinion and review of what we thought in the video above.  I also show you everything I bought from both grocery stores as I cook dinner.  This haul video is different than my other ones, because I’m actually cooking something I bought and reviewing it all together.

Overall, we thought the meal was very tasty.  The chicken was a little extra crispy, but then I did throw it in the frying pan frozen.  However, the instructions said I could.  Both of the meals were very easy to make.  Just cut open the bag and throw it in a skillet.  It did take longer than 5 minutes though.  I like to make sure my chicken is cooked fully, so maybe it’s my fault.

I’d say it’s mostly a healthy meal because I fried it in coconut oil and all of Trader Joe’s products are promised to be non GMO.  I can’t say it’s 100% healthy or great for clean eating, but Ruben and I enjoyed it.  Hadara on the other hand, hated it.  So, maybe it’s not kid approved.  Hey, either way, it was a dinner that did deliver and solved my “what’s for dinner” problem.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s frozen food or have any suggestions I should try?

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Our Very First Attempt at Classical Morning Time! Homeschool Vlog

This month, I discovered the Charlotte Mason homeschool approach and was smitten.  I’ve been homeschooling Hadara for seven years, yet barely now, I just found this amazing way of homeschooling.  I couldn’t wait to begin.  This week, we tried a new homeschool approach called classical morning time.  It’s one beautiful aspect of the Charlotte Mason way.  Today, I share snippets of our first two days trying it out, tea and all!

Couples Workout Routine

Today I have the honor of having my husband Ruben join me for a special couples workout in honor of Valentine’s Day!  Ruben and I had a blast filming today’s workout video!  He’s such a good sport.  He just started to workout again and I’m so proud of him for pushing through this workout.

Working together as a team is one quality that makes a strong marriage.  These exercises require the couple to work together in order to complete the workout.  It’s a fun workout you can do at home at anytime of the day or night.

Come on, grab your spouse and let’s get fit!


Free Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack

Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack is here and just in time for February. It’s a one week spelling activity pack of 5 pages which includes: winter spelling 15 words list, copy work 3 times each, sentences, abc order, pre-test and final test fill in the blanks. Great for 1st grade-6th. Use this pack as a fun alternative to your spelling curriculum, or with your winter unit study.

Hadara and I love to take a week during the month just for fun season units where we read books according to the holiday or season we are going through.  This helps break the monotony of using our regular curriculum.  You’ll love this easy to use Valentine’s Day Spelling Pack. Plus it’s free!

Download your free Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Pack below.

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Valentine’s Day Wall Art Printables

Recently, during one of our daily vlogs, called Hadara Learns How to Play Drums, I gave you a peak into how we were decorating for Valentine’s day.

While Hadara and I were decorating, we found that we didn’t have much to decorate with.  I decided to create some simple wall art printables to add some flair to our kitchen and living room.  I use the same frames and just change the printable out every season.

This time, I asked Hadara to help me.  I opened up Pic Monkey on the desktop and gave her a quick lesson on how to make graphics.  Before I knew it she was engaged and creating beautiful graphics.  I eagerly shared on Instagram stories how cute they look displayed on my baker’s rack and white shelf in the kitchen.

This mom was so impressed and excited because that means in the future I can put her to work for me.  What a blessing it would be for her to help me create my blog and pinterest graphics.  Hadara ended up making three wall art printables and we decided to share them with you!  Just click on the graphic and print according to your printer selections.

This wall art printable is called love and is made for a 4 x 5 but can be printed in various sizes.


This wall art printable is called you are the key to my heart and is made for a 3 x 4 but can be printed in various sizes.  


This wall art printable is called roses are red and is made for a 8 x 10 but can be also printed in smaller sizes.

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