Hola! We’re the Valenzuela’s . . . Ruben, Hadara and Rosenda.
Welcome to our Little Pink Casa!

Rosenda ValenzuelaMeet Rosenda & RubenJoy filled parents and married couple who loves Jesus with all our hearts!  We’ve been married 19 years and blessed with one daughter whom we raise in sunny Arizona.  Ruben and I met in English 101, my first college class and we’ve been together ever since. I was 18 and he was 29 and it was love at first sight.  We graduated college together with a degree in Biblical Studies. I’ll never forget us walking the graduation line together with cap and gown as excited newlyweds. Our whole future ahead of us. Soon after that, we wanted to have a baby and start a family. However, it didn’t come that easy. Ruben and I prayed and sought God to bless us with a child. For five years, we waited and like Hannah in the Bible, with much prayer, tears and faith, I became pregnant. Our little Hadara Rose was on her way!

Valenzuela family LittlePinkCasa

Hadara Rose

Hadara, whom her name means, “bedecked in beauty” since many people ask is twelve and half years old.  Hadara just began her 7th/8th grade homeschool year.   We’ve decided to complete her middle school in one year.  She loves to dance, model and perform!   She’s got spunk and a competitive spirit, yet she has the sweetest heart.  Hadara also loves to make videos on her YouTube channel and post daily on her Instagram, Music.ly and Snapchat encouraging her peers to be themselves.  It’s hard to believe she’ll be 13 soon!  Where does the time go?  

Days at the Little Pink Casa are filled with dance lessons, spontaneous singing in the kitchen while dinner’s bubbling on the stove.  You might find Avenger movies and board games covering our sofas and instruments taking up space in our living room.  Girl time with mommy, homeschool in the kitchen or outdoors and vlogging our life adventures.   Lots of family and loads of fun.  Our Pink life is not perfect.  Some days are crazy, and others are amazing! 


What to Expect from Little Pink Casa 

In 2012,  I founded this blog in memory of my Grandma Margaret Rosales to encourage women in motherhood and Christian faith.  As my passion for encouraging women grew so did my vision for Little Pink Casa.  We began to share more of our Pink life as a family through vlogs on our YouTube channel.  This is where we found our true niche as a family.  Yet, I still love encouraging busy homeschool moms to thrive in every day life so you’ll find lifestyle topics just for you too!  Not just your average homeschool blog!  Just for you moms, I have my YouTube channel, Little Pink Casa

What’s Next?  

Ruben, Hadara and I look forward to encouraging you and your family as we share our Pink life.   We are called to help you and your family grow in the faith of Jesus.  Teaching God’s biblical instructions for how we are to live as true believers yet making sense of it all in real life.  We may not have all the answers, but we want to encourage you to embrace who your family is and is to find the true joy in that.  Learning to live a life set apart for Christ is attainable.  Join us in finding joy in the journey.  Let’s do this!!  

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