Cook With Me Trader Joe’s and Sprouts Grocery Haul!

On my way home from Hadara’s dance class, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts for some groceries.  It was late so I decided to pick something to cook from the Trader Joe’s frozen section.  I was craving Asian food, so I chose Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice.  It wasn’t too pricey.  Both came out to $8 for a quick 5 minute dinner.

This was my very 1st time trying Trader Joe’s frozen Asian foods, so today my family gave our honest opinion and review of what we thought in the video above.  I also show you everything I bought from both grocery stores as I cook dinner.  This haul video is different than my other ones, because I’m actually cooking something I bought and reviewing it all together.

Overall, we thought the meal was very tasty.  The chicken was a little extra crispy, but then I did throw it in the frying pan frozen.  However, the instructions said I could.  Both of the meals were very easy to make.  Just cut open the bag and throw it in a skillet.  It did take longer than 5 minutes though.  I like to make sure my chicken is cooked fully, so maybe it’s my fault.

I’d say it’s mostly a healthy meal because I fried it in coconut oil and all of Trader Joe’s products are promised to be non GMO.  I can’t say it’s 100% healthy or great for clean eating, but Ruben and I enjoyed it.  Hadara on the other hand, hated it.  So, maybe it’s not kid approved.  Hey, either way, it was a dinner that did deliver and solved my “what’s for dinner” problem.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s frozen food or have any suggestions I should try?

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