How I Make Money with my Smart Phone Using Shopkick and Yaarlo

How would you like to make money shopping at your favorite stores?   It’s easy and simple to make money while you spend money.   I recently downloaded two apps called Shopkick and Yarrlo on my iPhone that pay me in gift cards rewards or cash for just shopping!  Crazy, huh?  I just started three months ago, and I’m already seeing the rewards in my wallet.

I recently shared about this on Facebook live on Thanksgiving day.  I was getting ready to head out the door for some black friday shopping when I decided to jump on real quick to share my money making tips with you.  Right now is a perfect time to start using these apps because December is a busy holiday shopping month.  Might as well get paid and earn while you’re shopping the most.  Whether it’s shopping at the grocery store, mall or your favorite online store, you can start making money right away all year long.

Shopkick – Earn free gift cards by walking into stores, scanning items or making in store/online purchases.  The only thing I have to remember is to open the app when I arrive at the store in order to earn my points.  Other than that, it’s a simple and fast way to earn money towards free gift cards to lots of different retail, restaurants or online stores.  You can get the Shopkick app by downloading from your smart phone app store.

Yaarlo – Scan your receipts with your smart phone and earn free gift cards. This is the easiest way to earn rewards for all your daily purchases.  The good thing is that it takes many different types of receipts from various places such as retail, hotels and restaurants.  Also, I’ve found that the earnings rack up quick so don’t be surprised to earn a gift card in your first few weeks using this app.  You can get the Yaarlo app by downloading from your smart phone app store.   Use my code when signing up: ROSENDA146I

Making money while you shop is easy as pie with Shopkick and Yaarlo.  Once you download these apps and start using them, let me know how they are helping you earn gift cards and cash back.

What are some other ways you make extra money?   I’d love to know what you do.

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