How I Stay Grateful When my World is Falling Apart plus Cents of Style Free Thankful Tee!

When Cents of Style sent me this beautiful tee to try, little did I know what I would be dealing with in a few days.  Last week, the ambulance rushed me to ER.  My blood pressure was low and my heart was racing.  Two days before that, I experienced the worse abdominal pain flare-up ever!  I hadn’t eaten much since then and the pain was so intense. Never had I experienced such pain!

While in the hospital, my mom stayed with me and took care of Hadara since Ruben was working.  It seemed like forever with no answers.  It’s one week now since this episode happened and I wish I could say I feel better.  But I don’t.  I know many are praying for me and if you don’t mind, would you?

I was semi-diagnosed with gastritis or ulcer colitis and urged to see my G.I. doctor which I have an endoscopy scheduled with on Nov. 17.  I can’t eat much and I’m restricted to cooked veggie power soup, dairy free yogurt, dairy free kefir, aloe vera juice and coconut water.  Actually my favorite thing is mashed potato right now.  I may also be dealing with anemia so I’m trying to raise my iron and vitamin B levels with food however challenging that may be.

As I changed over the calendar, I am reminded that it’s November.  I look ahead and realize I probably won’t be eating the traditional Thanksgiving dinner or much at all.  Thank God for mashed potatoes!

Emotionally, this has drained me and I try my hardest to stay positive.  That’s why I keep blogging, telling my story, and sharing my life with you.

Today, my Fashion Friday story is all about being thankful even in the midst of illness, the unknown and frustration.

It’s hard to be thankful during times when it feels like my world is falling apart.  I’ve been taught that a grateful heart is a healthy heart.  Psalm 107: 1 tells us, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever and 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to give thanks in all circumstances.  I hear it all the time, but do I live it?

Lately, I’ve decided to put my mind on things above and to be intentional about choosing a heart of thanksgiving.  Here are two ways that are helping me give thanks with a grateful heart:

Attitude of gratitude 

This is my personal affirmation for keeping my focus during the day. Every morning when I wake up, I take some time to speak all that I am grateful for, and thank God for prayers I haven’t seen answered yet, but have faith to believe. I also make time to pray and read my Bible or my current devotional.

Gratitude Journal 

Pouring my heart out on paper also helps keep my mind on being thankful.  I take 15 minutes every morning to write down my blessings.  At night, I also take 15 minutes to free write a note to God and lay down all my cares, concerns and worries.  Then I do a daily recap and list some things I’m thankful for that happened during the day.  I make it as easy as I can, so I use any notebook, journal or even notebook paper.

Here are some things I listed in my gratitude journal today: 

I am thankful to be talking to you today  and sharing my story. Thank you!

I’m thankful for each day when I wake up to see my beautiful daughter greet me with a smile and an embrace.

I’m thankful for my loving husband who holds me and prays for me when I feel I just can’t go on.

I’m thankful for my mom who is there to cuddle her daughter up and make her mashed potatoes when I can’t.

I’m thankful for my sister who comforts me through a phone call and lets me know everything is going to be okay because she has many people praying for me.

I’m thankful for my healing though I may not see yet, but I believe by faith that I have my miracle.

“Thanksgiving isn’t all about the meal, hospitality or decked out decor, it’s about being able to say in the midst of all this pain and turmoil that I am thankful for life.  Life is a gift and it only comes once.”

So I wear my “Thankful Grateful Blessed” tee with hope and a smile. As I declare to the whole world: “For all the worse and all the best, I am truly blessed!”.
I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I challenge you to remember to be thankful for those little things that mean so much!  Be hopeful in the rough and be faithful in the tough.  You are loved, you are blessed!

You all inspire me to keep going and I hope I’ve inspired you.  If you love my THANKFUL tee, you can get it from Cents of StyleFREE with any $25 order placed this month plus free shipping!

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How are some ways you stay thankful in your life?  I’d love to know what you do!

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