What I’m Loving this month-October Recap! Homeschool at the library, Lists, Cleaning routines, Reading books and Blogging again!

1.  Homeschool at the Library 

Hadara and I are having so much fun with a new way we started homeschooling this year.  We needed a new change.  A new atmosphere and a new inspired environment. Hadara’s new love for reading has sparked and she can’t get enough of the library.  We started taking trips once a week to check out books.  Then we realized how much fun it would be to bring our homeschool with us and hang out one day a week.  It works out great because our library offers free study rooms with dry erase boards, perfect for homeschool.   So far, we love it and look forward to (can’t wait for) our homeschool day at the library!

2.  Lists

I love making lists! The me before this month didn’t like lists.  It felt like something I had to do, but I realized something great!  That when I make lists, it’s liberating.  I use it as a way to get out all of the  billion ideas in my head.  Something happens when I see it all there on white paper.  I can breathe.  I have peace, clarity and vision.  Things make sense.  So now I realize as soon as I have ideas, I write it down-another list-brain dump!  I even have a book list of what I’m reading each month.  Yes I’m a listaholic now.

3.  New Cleaning Routines

In September when I was sick with a virus, I had plenty of time on my hands to catch up on my favorite YouTube channels.  I really enjoy, Do It On A Dime.  She made a colab video with a channel called How Jen Does It.  I’ve been obsessed with Jen’s channel.  She has amazing cleaning videos, organizing, recipes and meal plan ideas.  She literally challenged me to step it up a notch in my home making and household duties.  I’m so excited, because I’m on week 4 of completing my zone cleaning and morning and night routines along with 4 weeks of meal planning accomplished.  Something I always wanted to do, but finally did!  I feel like a changed woman.  It’s amazing how the routine of having a clean home and knowing what’s on the menu each week has given me more freedom in my life.

4.  Taking time to Read Books 

I shared on Instagram and Snapchat how excited I was to finally be reading The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.   I know I may be late to start reading these best sellers, but I’m slowly catching up now that I can read for free (library books rock)!  I’m making it a goal to read at least 5 books each month.  I also started to check out audio books which is different but very fun to hear while I sip warm herbal tea and write my lists or take notes.  I’m officially a library book hoarder now. If there is such a thing?

5.  Blogging on the go!

It feels so good to be blogging again.  Taking these past months off for my health has given me the momentum and a much needed break to get writing and sharing with you all again.  Now I’m also using our homeschool library time to blog on the go.  It seems that I’m more creative when I’m not home stuck in my office.  The words and ideas come easier for me in a fresh atmosphere.  I write while Hadara works.   It ends up being a very productive and fun day for both of us!

Besides all this, in October we managed to find time for a homeschool field trip to the pumpkin patch, baked our first gluten-free apple pie, and spent some time over fall break with my mom and Hadara’s cousins for a park day!  Our goal was to enjoy and study the autumn season and even though I had a few sick days, I think it turned out just right.

What are some fun things you did in October?  I’d love to know what your family did!


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