Homeschool at the Library and How we do it!

Lately, Hadara has fallen in love with our city library.  The book worm bit her and shes’s officially fallen for reading.  To this day, we’ve maxed out our library cards with books and dvds.

We needed a change of pace and scenery.  A new motivation to learn outside of the home.  The library has such a stimulating environment we love.  Something about being surrounded by knowledge is very motivating.  So, we decided to try homeschooling once a week at our city library.   Sometimes we’ll go on Monday, Thursday or Friday depending on what we got going on each week.

It works out great because our library offers free private study rooms with dry erase boards, perfect for homeschool.  I usually reserve a room one week ahead.

This is what our typical homeschool day at the library looks like this: 

Arrive when library opens and drop off our bag loads of books to return.

Head straight to our study room, set up iPad (for my blogging on the go), plug in iPhone, get out homeschool stuff from our backpacks,  yummy snacks out (shh…) and my warm herbal tea.

Get started as we work through our homeschool schedule for that day.  Usually prayer, Bible journal writing, reading, grammar, spelling and math.

As Hadara works independently, I’ll take those small bits of time to blog on my iPad.  I don’t have a laptop (praying for one) but blogging on the go with my iPad sure does help.

Then, we work together on our unit book study for that week.  This month we completed our unit book study Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and our fall seasons unit.  We also started Little House on the Prairie read aloud and Charlotte’s Web unit study.

We also love to have some fun on Snapchat and Instagram stories as we share snippets of our homeschool day.

After we finish unit study time, we wrap up, pack up and take our homeschool bags back to the car.  It’s usually around 12:30 noonish, when we finish.

We go back inside the library to check out books and pick up our requested ones.  That’s the best part!  It always feels like a shopping rush when we walk out with new books for free!

After our library day is done, we’ll go home for lunch or sometimes pack a lunch for picnic in the park afterwards.  Maybe run a few errands, go shopping or chill at a coffee shop to read our new checked out books.

And just like that, we homeschool in the library.   So far, we love it and look forward to (can’t wait for) our next homeschool day at the library!!

What are some ways you utilize the library for your homeschool?   I’d love to know how your family keeps homeschool fresh and exciting.


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