My Life is Beautiful! Fashion Friday

This week’s Fashion Friday is one dear to my heart and thanks to Cents of Style, their new “Life Is” shirt line is just what I needed.  For I’m living in a season right now, where even though I may face the unknown, this phrase, Life is Beautiful  is a perfect reminder to thank God for every breath and every day.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with health issues I’ve never had to deal with before.  It’s been 6 months.  I’ve gone through a time of frustration, sadness, worry, doubt, uncertainty and self-pity.  I needed to find a way to get myself out if this pit, and have faith that everything will work out.

It’s just different when it comes to health for me.  Other things I seem to handle, but not knowing what’s going on inside of me has been hard to deal with.  I work out and eat healthy, yet I still needed a healing strategy.  My faith has been tossed in the wind.  Yet, I continue to hold on to the one who holds me.  My God in whom I trust.

Last month, the day before my 41st birthday, I scheduled my first endoscopy.  I left the doctor’s office feeling relieved knowing that I’d soon find some answers.  Hopefully.   However, 2 weeks later, because of insurance conflicts, I needed to cancel the surgery.  I was back to square one.

This past weekend, things got complicated.  Ruben and Hadara rushed me to ER.  I prayed before we left for God to prepare my heart for any diagnosis and give me the strength to understand His plan and will.  After blood tests, and a CT scan, I was released after 4 hours with nothing serious to show, but just a cold virus to get over.  We were all so thankful to the Lord for this praise report.  I left feeling the Lord’s peace and a new hope renewed in me.

The whole truth, is that yes I doubted sometimes and was afraid some nights as I lay awake in bed wondering, how could I make the most of my life with the time I’m given.  What would happen to my family, and so many others if I was not here?  Those thoughts crossed my mind, yet I refused to let them become my final outcome because I stand on the promises God has set before me.  I chose to listen to the voice of truth and even laying there in that CT scan bed as I held my breath, I chose to see my life is beautiful.  I’m alive!

Honestly, it’s been a time of me reflecting.  My life.  Realizing how important the things in life really are and how I want to savor the slow.   In all of this self-examination, I’ve been reminded by this negative obstacle just how beautiful life really is. . . my life.  Life in general.  Being a mom and wife.  Loving my family and living life like every breath is significant.  Yes, to breath and embrace every moment.  Giving all that I can so that when I’m gone, many can know that life is beautiful.  None of us know the time or season when we will leave this earth, for life is a vapor.


So, just in case you’ve forgotten or got off course like me.  You may want to declare your own “Life Is” season by wearing it proudly.

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What season of life are you going through?  I would love to hear your “Life Is” story!

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