Healthy Kid’s Lunch: Turkey Garden Pita


Eating healthier is our goal at the Little Pink Casa lately.  We’re on a new health journey of eating gluten-free.  Although it’s a challenge for Hadara to go cold turkey with giving up gluten, we’re slowing weaning her off.  Hadara’s been such a good sport and support for me through my sudden health challenges that’s she’s excited to try new things.  Hadara is having fun experimenting with food in the kitchen and helping me create healthy alternatives for kids.  Today, we created a quick and healthy turkey garden pita which we think your kids will love!

RECIPE: What you will need to make this recipe is roasted turkey, provolone cheese, organic baby spinach, organic grape tomatoes, dill and non-gmo pita bread.  We cut the pita and cheese into triangles and layered the pita with cheese, baby spinach, turkey and a grape tomato on top with a sprinkle of dill.  We added some strawberries on the side.

Although today’s healthy kids lunch is not gluten-free, you could leave the pita out and make it a finger food lunch or use green leaf lettuce instead of the pita.  Also, chicken or fish would also be a great substitute for roasted turkey.

The healthy benefits about this meal include:

  • no chips
  • no added sugar
  • kids are eating fruits and veggies
  • organic and non-gmo
  • no mayo

Hope your kids enjoy our turkey garden pita.  With a little creativity your kid’s lunch can be both yummy, healthy and fun!

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